With NBC’s ‘Awake’ nearing its season finale, it’s been a rough ride for fans. The show stars Jason Isaacs (the ‘Harry Potter’ series) as Michael Britten, a man who lives his life in two realities. After a car accident, Britten awakens to find himself in a life where he flip-flops into two worlds. In one, his wife survived the accident; in the other, his son.

The show began with pretty decent viewership, no doubt drawn in by the intriguing premise and curious Potter fans looking to see Lucious Malfoy on the telly. But have slowly declined as the season has continued on.

Now, amidst the other many announcements of new shows, renewals and cancellations across the various networks, NBC has announced that ‘Awake’ will not be returning to the network for a second season.

Here’s hoping that NBC brings in some more sci-fi television to replace ‘Awake’ and doesn’t turn to yet another crime drama, reality show, or lame comedy.