As more and more news of the Pete Travis movie version of ‘Judge Dredd’ come out, fans that were initially apprehensive about the project have actually become more and more excited. First we had the news that Judge Dredd creator John Wagner was actually looking forward to this film and just a couple of weeks ago the MPAA gave the movie an “R” rating leaving fans anticipating that this may be the film the anti-hero comic character truly deserves.

To prove this, Lionsgate has just released 4 more stills that show that Travis is keeping to his word about staying true to the comic series. The new images look gritty and dark which seems apropos to what one would expect from the film. We get another look of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd as well as co-stars Olivia Thirlby (‘The Darkest Hour’, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’) as his partner, Langly Kirkwood (‘Outcast’, ‘The Bone Snatcher’), and the ominous looking Deobia Oparei (‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’, ‘Thunderbirds’).  We also have a first look of Lena Headey (‘Game of Thrones’) as the fiendishly villainous Ma-Ma (who was derived from the comic character Madeleine Madrigal) who heads a terrorist organization to flood Mega-City One with a powerful reality altering drug called Slo-Mo.

The images has started getting me to look forward to the movie but I’m still going to hold out until I see a trailer. How about you? Take a look at the images below and let me know if you think this is the ‘Dredd’ movie that you’ve been waiting for!

‘Dredd’ stars Karl Urban, Olivia, Domhnall Gleeson  and Lena Headey (‘Game of Thrones’, ‘300’) and will be in theaters on September 21.

Source: Collider