Previously on Eureka…
Launch Day in Eureka, black holes were popping up everywhere. Things got worse. Beverly Barlowe had kidnapped the crew of the Astraeus and put them in a computer matrix Eureka to steal their genius ideas. Senator Wyn was behind it all. So Jack was jacked in to save the day. For some life will never be the same.

Here there be SPOILERS….

Only ten more episodes, including tonight. That’s like next to nothing! The world as we know is going to end far sooner than the Mayans predicted! Life will become a black hole of despair!! Sorry… little over zealous. I’m better now – on to the recap.

Jack is making something resembling breakfast for the “family.” Looks like pancakes but according to Jo… screech stop… Jo in a bath robe – wait WHAT? Awkward. Yup, Jo’s still crashing in the bunker. According to Jo Jack doesn’t cook and there’s a reason. Not even S.A.R.A.H. can cook this morning, she’s burnt the toast. Andy let’s everyone know she was a little glitchy last night too, wink wink. TMI Andy. Allison, “It’s getting crowded around here.” (Understatement of the day Allison.)

At Global Dynamic – Fargo solemnly goes through Holly’s personal effects. He has to cut short the trip down memory lane to attend a bereavement session.

At Café Diem – Vincent’s getting ready for the Grand Reopening. Grace is a little stand-offish from Henry. (I don’t think she’s gotten over the VHenry trying to kill her. Poor real Henry.)

At GD – BUNNIES! ZOMG how cute is Fargo sitting in a soft pit of fuzzy white bunnies?! Fargo, “I’m not doing it. I don’t want to talk about it or be hypnotized or pet horny bunnies. So unless one of you has some sort of magic pill that can fast track me through the stages of grief I’m outta here!”  Oh dear the bereavement techs have something but it’s not a pill exactly. (That is Eureka code for all craps gonna break lose later.)

The D.O.D. wants Jo to give up the hunt for Beverly and Senator Wyn. Not gonna happen. Jack tries to start the “get out” talk but Jo beats him to it. She understands that five’s a crowd. Her house will be done soon, again, and she’ll stay there until she decides what to do. She’s still not tossing out the moving away idea. Their conversation gets interrupted by GD 911.

Parrish is freaking out because Zane is dumping all the loot they confiscated from the matrix unit. Jo finds the sub-particle net gun they used to catch the dragon with and geeks out. Zane is still bristling every time Jack comes around. Neither guy has told Jo what happened in the VEureka and she’s about to blow a gasket about it. She gets a whole lotta “nothing” from both. Zane goes back to cart tug-o-war with Parris and in the process they knock over a canister holding a flying fire orb that promptly goes berserk. There’s a Firefly (Geek nod I hope) on the loose in GD that can’t be tracked and has been tweaked to not only put out fires but also start them.

Grace and Allison catch up on some much needed girl talk about Henry and Jack and all the weirdness from VEureka. Their time is cut short by a call requiring them to return to GD. (Things are back to messed up normal!)

Speaking of GD – Jack and Jo, suited up in firemen’s dubs (looking more like blue Ghostbuster), mistake one of the scientists for the Firefly and cover him in white foam. Oops. Alarms go off all over GD. Jack and Jo rush to find an ignited Fargo sauntering out of a lab smiling. He’s feeling no pain. Odd thing – he doesn’t remember Holly dying. The Firefly is systematically heading down the levels. Lower level = fusion reactor. This can’t be good.

Parrish almost has the fiery bugger back in its container until Jack storms in the door and scares it. (Scares it? It’s a ball of fire! How can he scare it?!) Sometimes, Jack sweetie, you just need to not help. Now he’s somehow chopped it into two. And the core is melting down. And both Fireflies take off out a vent that leads… outside.

The team regroups to devise a plan. Fargo does a complete 180 and flips out on Parrish and Joe and Zane. The guys in the bereavement lab gave him a patch to help him get through the stages of grief. Looks like Fargo’s in the anger stage now and not being of any use. So the plan, once they get Fargo to sit quietly, is to use some high voltage plasma generators to lure the Fire pests away from town. Parrish should be able to get the remote controls to work once he’s clear of GD.

Allison finds one of the Fireflies. Unfortunately, it’s taken a liking to the combustible engine of her SUV. She gets out just before things go boom.

Andy’s in town trying to talk Vincent into turning off his new fancy wood burning ovens. Vincent thinks it’s going to ruin the party.

Henry and Jo have turned on the high voltage plasma generator and get down to comparing notes on how folks are acting. Not one person that went into the VEureka has told them what happened. One of the Fireflies takes the bait and slips neatly into the trap.

At the lake, Zane and Jack are bickering over the probability algorithm Beverly built when the other Firefly arrives. It’s not playing quite as nice as the other did. It takes a few fly-by shots at the guys before it sinks itself in the lake. The water does absolutely nothing to it.

At GD – Fargo collapses on the couch in a massive fit of despair. Wow Wow! How does Fargo go from nothing is worth it and we’re all going to die in some catastrophe to Carter and Jo?! Leave it to Fargo to let a cat out of the bag. Jo wants to know what he’s talking about so Zane just spills it, “you and Carter were doing it in the matrix.” Jo flips out a little.  But there are more flammable issues at hand. They take a look at a scan of Eureka to find any locations giving off heat signatures. Every place in town has shut down except for… Jack’s house!

Kevin and Jenna are unaware of pending doom. S.A.R.A.H failed to get the shut down memo. And due to her glitching and a Firefly attached to her nuclear power they can’t get out. Andy tries to override the front door circuits while Jack and Jo try the skylight. Neither is having any luck until Jack uses his gun to blast through the skylight. Oh No!! Jack gets a Firefly right to the chest! Jo shimmies down the ladder, gets Jack on his feet and gets to Kevin and Jenna just as the house begins to go up in flames.  Andy gets the front door open in the nick of time. Everyone makes it out… everyone but S.A.R.A.H. Things get too quiet in the bunker so Andy goes in to investigate.

At GD – Fargo has hit a paranoid stage. (That’s one of the steps of grief?) Henry scans the equipment for the cause of the interference but it’s not the equipment they brought from the matrix lad – it’s Zane and Fargo.

The connection to the neural network altered the brain activity of everyone that went into the VEureka. All of the heat sources in town have been shut down so they can’t lure the burning bug. The next best thing – get all of the members from the Astraeus mission together in one place then use Jack and his jeep to lure it there. Except that the Firefly disables the jeep and takes off after Jack, who’s holding the other Firefly trapped in a jar.

Jo and Andy arrive, just in the nick of time, to catch the Firefly in the sub-particle net! Go Team!

Grace and Allison try to make heads or tails of the brain waves. Grace and Henry finally have that talk.

At Café Diem – Jo and Allison also have a heart to heart. Allison admits that everyone needs Jo. Zane gives Jo an ultimatum. The back and forth has to stop. They’re either together or their not. Jo gets a worried look on her face but answers him with a kiss. (I love these two together!!)

Ok y’all if this was paper you’d see the stain from my tears. This next part had me bawling like a baby! Parrish goes to Fargo’s office to be a total asshat. Instead he offers to play the game they find in Holly’s belongings.  Neil Grayston and Wil Wheaton each deserve an Emmy for that scene!

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