In the pages of ‘Flashpoint’, the universe of DC Comics began to unravel and turn into what would eventually become the New 52. In that brief moment of creation, a strange hooded woman appeared with no explanation as to who she was or what part she played in the events that were transpiring.

Then, when DC relaunched its entire line of comics with 52 #1 issues, eagle-eyed fans noticed that this mystery woman appeared in a single panel of all of the first issues.

Since that initial onslaught of appearances, she’s only appeared once in the pages of ‘Tiny Titans’ (a title featuring a child-friendly version of DC’s heroes). Then about four months ago, the DC Universe: The Source blog posted a single image of the mystery woman with the tagline: “Her name is Pandora”. She appeared briefly in ‘Justice League’ #6 where she didn’t give much information as she discussed altering reality with the Phantom Stranger. Then… nothing.

This past week four new #1 issues arrived and, surprise surprise, Pandora was hidden away in the pages of all but one of them. She appeared in the pages of ‘G.I. Combat’, ‘Dial H’, and ‘World’s Finest’. Oddly, she did not appear in the pages of ‘Earth 2’, but some are speculating that she is only appearing in the regular “Earth One” DC titles. If that’s the case, don’t be surprised when she appears in the upcoming #1 issues of ‘Batman: Incorporated’ and ‘Ravagers’.

Check out the appearances of Pandora below.

G.I. Combat:

Dial H:

World’s Finest:

If all of this wasn’t enough, Pandora is expected to make an appearance in the New 52 Special that will be given away at comic shops for Free Comic Book Day. We don’t know how much information that special issue will give but I’m not expecting much since DC’s kept such a wrap on this character so far.

Of course, if the FCBD issue reveals any hot details about Pandora, we’ll be sure to let you know… or you could go get the issue for free tomorrow at your local comic book shop!