With the ‘Avengers’ movie just around the corner (or already out if you’re lucky enough to live in certain countries), it seems as if you can’t turn around without hearing about Marvel’s premiere superhero team. Heck! With all the trailers, interviews, behind the scenes clips, we run several Avengers articles on any given day here at ScienceFiction.com… and that doesn’t even include the actual comic books!

With all the heated interest in these characters, it will come as no surprise to comic collectors that the first appearances of the characters from the movie are starting to become high ticket items. To begin with, there was the first appearance of Thor in ‘Journey into Mystery’ #83 that sold a couple of months back for $222,200! Now, not one to be outdone, Tony Stark (Iron Man) has stepped up to the auction plate.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that a copy of ‘Tales of Suspense’ #39, featuring the first appearance of Iron Man, has just sold for an amazing $375,000. The copy of the issue that sold is one of only three in existence graded at CGC 9.6, the highest grade of this particular issue in the world.

In his first appearance, Iron Man didn’t look like the bright yellow and red streak that we know from the modern era and the films. Instead, he was a man in a clunky grey robotic suit, living up to his name in every way. With the comic market getting so much interest these days, it’ll be interesting to see how AMC plays this up if and when their show ‘Comic Book Men’ returns to the airwaves.