The search for crystals begins tonight, and new family ties are revealed!  Spoilers ahead!

Faye and Melissa snoop

Faye and Melissa search for Faye’s family crystal.  Instead they find Dawn’s old diary, where it is revealed that Dawn and John Blackwell had a romantic affair.

The crystals work by magnifying individual powers, which Faye immediately tests by using Cassie’s crystal to blow stuff up around their clubhouse.  The team quickly breaks into scouting teams to find the remaining five crystals, which were scattered among the Elders (their grandparents).  Cassie tells Blackwell that her grandmother is returning home and that she wants them to get along.

Diana leaves Adam and Melissa for a date with Grant.  Melissa runs into Callum, the hoodlum drug dealer, and Jake starts a fight with him.  Cassie comes home to find her grandmother Jane already returned.  She asks Jane to play nice with Blackwell, and Jane promises she’ll try.

Faye, Jake and Cassie team up to look for crystals, unaware that Callum is tailing them.  They stop first at Jake’s grandfather’s house.  They use the unlocking spell to break in, finding a lot of garbage and what Jake calls a “conspiracy wall,” which, among other things, has a list of the Circle members and their birthdates. Cassie takes pictures. Jake’s grandfather comes home and is appropriately cooky and spouting nonsense.  He was unaware that Nick had died, which seems a little unbelievable in a town as small as Chance Harbor.

Blackwell visits Charles, who wants nothing to do with him. He accuses John of killing his wife Elizabeth, which Blackwell denies. Charles continues on to Jane’s house, where she is carving a symbol into a chair that will block Blackwell’s powers. She also has a witch cruet that she made for John 16 years ago.  Jane and Charles are planning to kill Blackwell – something Jane says she should have done long ago.

Jake’s grandpa traces 18 families that descended from Salem. They broke into three Circles, including the Circle that moved to Chance Harbor, and if these witches turn to dark magic it will destroy all of humanity. He claims that Blackwell wanted several children of his Balcoin blood so that the next generation Circle would be dark magic.  He also claims that the 6 crystals will form a crystal skull, the most dangerous weapon (just ask Indiana Jones). Luckily his crystal is hidden deep in a well where dark magic can’t enter.

Hey, wanna make this date a double?

Melissa interrupts Diana’s date.  She and Adam found a number of crystals at Melissa’s grandmother’s house and need Diana’s power in addition to theirs to find the true family crystal.  It works – one starts glowing (and also turns on all the appliances in the vicinity) – but Grant is growing impatient with the obvious lies Diana keeps telling to cover for Circle business.

Faye tells Jake and Cassie about her mom’s diary, but their astonishment is interrupted by the sound of glass breaking.  Callum has broken into Jake’s grandfather’s house and stolen the map to the cave where he hid the crystal. Cassie sends the photo she took of the map to Adam, Melissa, and Diana so they can get to the crystal first. Diana is forced to break off her date with Grant, who is less than understanding. Adam and Melissa make it to the cave first. It’s located in an old factory where iron ore was mined and this iron blocks their powers.

Adam and Melissa wind further and further into the cave. Adam finds the crystal but when Callum threatens them with a gun, Melissa offers it to him. Faye and Diana chase an escaping Callum while Cassie and Jake try to help Melissa and Adam in the tunnel.  The spell against dark magic works on Cassie – she is unable to breathe in the tunnel and has to leave. Faye, working on the theory that her near-death triggered Cassie’s dark magic, tries to jump in front of Callum’s bike but Diana pushes her out of the way. Faye is disappointed that her magic is still the same as before.

Jane and Charles team up

Jane and Charles soon have a weakened John at their hands, and Jane wants to know the truth about her daughter Amelia’s death. Blackwell tells Jane that he had nothing to do with Amelia’s death, which we know is true since we watched Charles kill her in the pilot.  Jane is unable to continue with the plan knowing that he didn’t hurt her daughter, but Charles has no problem sending Blackwell to his death.  He lights the match to kill him, but instead Jane falls to the floor. During the time that Blackwell spent in the house with Cassie, he had found the cruet and switched the items inside to make it for Jane.  He tells Charles he still has use for him, and so he’s left alive.

Jake marks Callum so that he won’t be able to sneak into Chance Harbor without their knowledge. Faye shows Blackwell the diary, but he says Dawn only ever had a crush on him – Faye is not his daughter. Or is this another lie? Meanwhile Diana tells Cassie she needs a break from the Circle. She wants to have an honest and normal relationship with Grant. Diana tells Cassie that she tried to get into the mine to help Melissa and Adam but couldn’t breathe – DIANA IS HER BLACKWELL SISTER!

Were you totally shocked about Diana? It makes sense. If Charles knows Diana isn’t his daughter, it gives him much more reason to hate John Blackwell. He had said something earlier to Blackwell about leaving town and letting everyone else pick up the pieces.  Could he have been referring to Diana? I still can’t tell who the Circle should trust. Blackwell has good moments, but he’s lying about so much – killing someone to release the demons, what happened on the boat, how many kids he has – that he’s an easy villain.  Charles and Dawn aren’t good role models either. In fact, I’m trying hard to think of any responsible adult that has appeared on the show who hasn’t lied about who they are or what their intentions are, and I’m coming up blank.

What did you think about tonight’s show?  Were you surprised by the big reveal?

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