In the aftermath of the final showdown with the assassin Nobody in ‘Batman and Robin’ #7, Bruce rushes to save his son’s life and afterwards deal with the consequences of his son’s actions over the past several issues… and especially Damien’s decision to kill Nobody in last issue’s shocking cliffhanger!

The first half of this issue revolves around Bruce’s attempt to get Damien back to the Batcave and under the medical attention of Alfred, all while trying to keep himself standing after sustaining his own wounds. But, after Damien is stabilized, the real meat of this issue kick in and Bruce is forced to take a look at some of his own inner demons before speaking with his son about death, honor, and most importantly… life.

If you’re looking for action, this issue really isn’t going to do it for you. Sure… there’s the rush to save Damien at the issue opener but it’s over with pretty quickly and there’s no real tension because you know DC isn’t going to bump off another Robin so quickly… especially one as popular as Damien Wayne. But if you’re willing to take this for what it is, an epilogue to one adventure and a breather before the next, the conversations between Bruce, Damien and Alfred really capture the essence of what makes these characters so great. Alfred is the ever-present (and ever-patient) father figure to Bruce. Bruce is a man who has so long known what it was that he was doing but, now with Damien as Robin, he’s out of his element yet determined to raise his son right… or as right as a costumed vigilante can do. And Damien… Damien has been the heart of this title since issue one and I’m absolutely loving writer Peter Tomasi’s portrayal of the young lad, raised by assassins, son to both a world-class villain and the friggin’ Batman, who is trying to find his place in a world that he really doesn’t yet understand.

But, now that this interlude is over, next issue is sure to ramp back up the action as the epic ‘Night of the Owls’ storyline, which crosses-over with all of DC’s Bat-titles, begins. Be back here in four weeks to read my review of ‘Batman and Robin’ #10!

Verdict: Buy

Written by PETER J. TOMASI