Adelind gives new meaning to the word hex in Hexenbiest when Nick discovers she is Hank’s new love obsession. And speaking of obsessions, Nick tries to help when he realizes that Sgt. Wu has developed an eating disorder.

Here’s this week’s recap of the episode that was inspired by the Grimm fairy tale ‘The Donkey Cabbage.’


The mysterious key that Aunt Marie gave to Nick when she was first injured in the pilot episode is the focus of the story this week. While Nick tries to find what the key may open, Captain Renard is taken by gun point to visit his cousin who requested his presence. He is taken to an abandoned  warehouse where his cousin tells him the family is getting impatient and wants to know why it’s taken this long for Renard to find the key. He gives Renard an ultimatum: give the family the key or they will take the Grimm and find the key themselves. He tells Renard the family is tired of excuses and wants to see action. Renard says ‘Alright’ then proceeds to take down the cousin’s servant, grab his gun and shoots his cousin dead. He tells the servant that his answer to their request is “no” before killing him.

Nick has obviously gotten over the rejection of his marriage proposal as he and Juliette head out to join Hank and his new lady love for dinner. Imagine Nick’s surprise when he recognizes Adelind as the woman who tried to kill Aunt Marie at the hospital in the pilot episode of GRIMM!

During dinner Adelind is telling Juliette and Nick about herself and how she got into contract law. Nick baits Adelind by bringing up the fact that two of the lawyers in her firm were killed, which we saw in the ‘Grimm: BeeWare’ episode, but Adelind won’t bite. She’s saved by the ringing of her phone and excuses herself from the table allowing Hank, Nick and Juliette to dish about the blonde. Nick, not being able to stand to hear any more of how wonderful Adelind is, leaves to use the restroom but in reality goes to find the Hexenbiest, otherwise known as Adelind. He warns her to stay away from Hank but she tries to convince him it’s the real deal. Nick tells Adelind he won’t let a relationship with Hank happen, but Adelind challenges him to try and stop it. Luckily, dinner is cut short as the detectives get a call about two dead bodies.

Meanwhile, Renard visits Catherine, who instantly knew he had just come from an altercation as he had “the scent of violence” on him. She invites Renard into her home. Renard makes a deal with Catherine to ensure that Adelind stays on track with her mission. She is told that if Adelind succeeds, her debt is paid. Catherine makes a move on Renard reminding him how fun he used to be but he stops her and tells her he can be fun if he wants to. She then asks Renard what would happen once the key is found. He tells her that those who helped will be remembered and well rewarded, those who don’t, will be forgotten.

At the crime scene, Sgt. Wu informs Nick of the victims and casually takes a bite out of his ChapStick. Nick is in shock and mentions it to Wu who denies he was eating anything at all. Hank walks up and announces that the victims are Thomas Wolsey and Anton Krueg, the same guys Renard took out earlier. While checking out the crime scene, Hank asks Nick what he thought of Adelind. Nick tells him he doesn’t think the relationship will work out. While talking to Nick about the virtues of Adelind, Hank finds a cell phone under a car and asks for a baggie. As Wu hands it to him, Nick watches as Wu eats the rest of his ChapStick container and all.

Back at the precinct, Wu is grabbing a soda from the vending machine and decides he needs some metal in his diet and swallows his change with a swig of soda. Nick and Hank go over their findings with Captain Renard who already knows who killed the two guys but is playing dumb. He tries to steer the investigation so that the detectives can’t connect him to the crime.

Nick notices that Wu doesn’t look too good. He asks him if he’s okay but Wu says he’s fine and that he has had some stomach problems (ya think?!?).  As he walks away, he turns and tells Nick that he thinks he’s going to faint and collapses to the ground. AsNick and the officers come to Wu’s aid, Renard takes this opportunity to steal the cell phone Hank found at the crime scene.

Adelind gets home and senses that someone is in her house. She turns into a Hexenbiest just as another Hexenbiest walks into the room. They growl at each other and turn back to being human. Adelind greets her mother who we recognize as the woman named Catherine that Renard visited earlier. She tells her mother what she’s up to and knows that whatever happens will get ugly. “Don’t worry,” assures Catherine, “You do ugly so well.” (Don’t you love those mother and daughter bonding moments?) Just then the phone rings and it’s Hank who just happens to be outside her apartment looking through the window. (Okay, now we are beyond the creepy stalker mode) He asks if he could come over but she tells him no as her mom is there. Seeing that she is telling the truth and not having a booty call like last time, he drives away.

Nick goes and visits Monroe and tells him about how Adelind and Hank are now a couple. As they talk, Nick wonders if it’s possible Hank is under a spell since Adelind is actually a witch. Monroe tells him that could very well be the case and offers to call Rosalie for advice.

Rosalie meets Monroe and Nick at the spice shop and tells them that Adelind must have given Hank a potion. She looks to see if anything on the shop’s ledger may lead to what type of potion was made. Rosalie finds Adelind’s list of ingredients she needed for her potion which Rosalie states can make a person fall deeply in love to deeply dead. They set out to find an antidote.

Renard has set the wheels in motion for the final piece of his plan to kill Hank and has Adelind invite him to dinner at her place to deliver the fatal blow.

After a long night of searching, Rosalie finally found the antidote to Adelind’s love potion. They call Nick interrupting his meeting with Renard. Nick was telling Renard that his instincts are telling him there was a third man involved in the killings (and he’s right in front of you, Nick!) but Renard tells him to let it go as the families of the victims are very politically connected and want the bodies. Monroe tells Nick to hurry back to the spice shop.

Rosalie and Monroe tell Nick that the spell Adelind placed on Hank causes obsessive behavior so much so that it causes the brain to overload and the body to literally shut down. They also surmise that Wu might have been hexed himself causing the lesions and boils he had before that we saw in the ‘Grimm: The Things With Feathers’ episode. They mix up the antidote and test it on Wu which seems to cure him. They now head to Adelind’s to save Hank.

When they arrive at her home, they see that the door is ajar. They find Hank in the bedroom unconscious. Trying to see if he’s still alive, Rosalie sees that Adelind altered her potion and their antidote won’t work. Even though it was successful on Wu, he didn’t have sex with Adelind which causes Monroe to moan, “That always complicates things!” The only way to get Hank to regain consciousness is to kill the Hexenbiest. Just then, Adelind calls and tells Nick that unless he brings her the key, Hank will be dead by morning. As he leaves the house, Rosalie tells Nick that the only way to break the hold Adelind has on Hank is to use the blood of a Grimm.

Nick meets Adelind in the woods but tells her he didn’t bring the key. She tells Nick that Hank will die and she’ll see him at the funeral. As she walks away, Nick challenges her to settle their differences violently. Adelind is up for the fight and turns into a Hexenbiest before going after Nick. Nick manages to pin her down and begins to plant a kiss on her lips. Adelind, not liking this whole thing at all, begins to bite Nick’s lip to make him stop. She bites him so hard that his lip bleeds into her mouth. Nick gets off of her and Adelind is not sure what had just happened. All of the sudden the spirit of the Hexenbiest rises out of Adelind’s body and disintegrates. At the same time, Hank wakes up.

Nick checks on Adelind who is not dead and tells Nick that she no longer has any powers and is now like everyone else. Stunned, Nick watches her walk way. When Adelind gets home, her mother is waiting for her. She sees Adelind’s disheveled state and asks what happened. When they hug, Catherine can smell that Adelind is no longer a Hexenbiest. Renard walks in and Adelind tells him that the Grimm knew what they were up to but can’t understand how. Renard says that Nick is more valuable than he anticipated and he had underestimated him. Adelind asks what will become of her now. Both Catherine and Renard look at her in disgust and disappointment and Renard tells her that she is useless and she’s now “just another pretty girl.” Adelind turns and walks out of her home in despair.

Back at Aunt Marie’s trailer, Nick may have found a clue to what the key opens….

On a side note, you know that an episode was really good when the hour watching the episode seems to go by in a flash. Each episode of ‘Grimm’ has been increasingly getting better with ‘Love Sick’ seemingly being the best of the season so far. The writers outdid themselves this time with some great lines. Some of my favorites include:

Renard to Catherine: Maybe you should spend a little less time gazing at that mirror, mirror on the wall
Catherine: Well, dagger, dagger in my heart.

Adelind: Mom.
Catherine: Hello precious. I hope you don’t mind. I let myself in.
Adelind: You’re lucky I didn’t rip your throat out.
Catherine: As if you could have. (hugs)

Adelind: All I know is that this is going to get ugly.
Catherine: Don’t worry. You do ugly so well.

Back to the recap….Nick finally realizes that not only does the Grimm legacy flow through his veins, his blood is pretty lethal to Wesens (or at least Hexenbiest). It would be great to see what other abilities come from being a Grimm.

Captain Renard is still a shroud of mystery. The writers have an uncanny ability to focus on him but really not reveal anything at all about his character. We now know that he’s somewhat of a maverick. My guess is that Renard is part of the royal family that may have been exiled from the Wesen world in another dimension and they need the key to return and gain back their power. What do you think?

So Adelind is now just another pretty face. The visual effects of the spirit Hexenbiest was quite impressive and unexpected as well as one of the best scenes in the episode. Now that her mother and the love of her life, Renard, have “disowned” her, do you think she’ll do a tell-all to Nick as revenge? The slightly creepy thought, however, was that Renard had been with both Adelind and her mother sometime in his life evident from the way Catherine had come on to him and mentioned how much fun he used to be. Now he’s having fun with her daughter? Ew!

What doesn’t elicit an “Ew!” is the budding romance between Rosalie and Monroe. Obviously she has no qualms helping a Grimm and is a nice addition to the mix. It’s nice to see Monroe find someone who can understand him.

Just a few more episodes until the season finale and the stories are getting better and better. What do you think of the series? Do you think it’s worth having a second season?

If you missed last week’s episode, make sure you get caught up with the ‘Grimm: The Thing with Feather’s’ recap!