With ‘The Avengers’ opening in theaters in just a few weeks, the promotional department at Marvel is working overtime to make sure we don’t forget that the film will be out soon!

Last night, Cobie Smulders was on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ and talked a little about her role as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill in the film. She also debuted the newest clip of Hill and Nick Fury arguing over the Tesseract (the glowing cube from ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’) and something called the Phase 2 prototypes. The scene doesn’t contain as much action as previous clips and trailers but at least you can see that Fury doesn’t surround himself with “yes men…or women.”

If it’s action that you want to see, then check out the latest TV spots that were released today! One is called ‘Suit Up’ which starts off with some nice action from Black Widow (if you want to see the extended version of her scene then you should check out the Black Widow clip!) and ends with a metallic centipede alien coming out.

The second clip is called ‘Isolated’ with Fury in a voice over talking about the how the team are isolated individuals who together can be “something more.” There’s some new footage, which just excites me more about this movie.

And just for some great entertainment, no block buster movie is complete without some product tie in and this commercial featuring Stan Lee for Dr. Pepper seems to fit right into ‘The Avengers’ mode.

So take a look at it all of them and let me know if you think the movie promotion is getting close to overkill or if you’re enjoying all the new released items!

‘The Avengers’ Clip – Maria Hill:

‘The Avengers’ TV Spot – Suit Up:

‘The Avengers’ TV Spot – Isolated:

‘The Avengers’ Dr. Pepper Commercial: