Last month’s ‘Animal Man’ #7 continued this series’ holding patern with Buddy Baker (aka Animal Man) and his family sitting around and holding off undead animals while waiting on the story in ‘Swamp Thing’ to catch up so that their stories could cross over and move on.

Thankfully, this issue finally makes some small but substantial moves forward in the story again. As the issue opens, the Bakers are still holed up in their camper with undead animals approaching on every side. Socks (a servant of The Red in the form of a cat) tells Buddy that it’s his job as protector to defend his daughter. But, before Buddy can get out the door, Maxine jumps ahead of him and attempts to talk to the Rot’s undead minions…

Major Spoiler!

…only to be ripped to shreds! But Maxine reveals some new Red powers as she regrows a new body from that of a passing fox. In an attempt to protect his family, Buddy tells them all to run while he heads into town to take on the still-advancing Rot creatures.

Okay… the spoiler is done. It’s safe to continue reading.

Writer Jeff Lemire is brilliant as creating some truly shocking and intense situations. That’s why I’ve been so upset over the past several issues as nothing has really happened. It’s a great joy to be announcing that things are finally moving forward again and Lemire delivers again some truly disgusting comic book horror… and when the final splash panel comes around, it’s clear that things are about to get ramped up from here!

The art this issue is again handled by both Steve Pugh and Travel Foreman. And, just like last issue, it jumps between the two with no real rhyme or reason. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten used to it after two issues or if Pugh and Foreman are intentionally mimicking each other so that the switches in pencilers isn’t as jarring as it was last month. Either way, the art is good and creepy… exactly as it should be on one of DC’s premiere horror titles.

It is with much pleasure that I can finally deliver this verdict on ‘Animal Man again…

Verdict: Buy

Written by JEFF LEMIRE