X-Men Legacy has taken a radical departure from the pre-NOW! tales of X-Men. Currently, the entire point of view is through the eyes of Legion (and his multiple personalities) as he tries to make sense of his father’s death. In a world where his father actually was what helped keep him sane, Legion is searching on how grow and try to keep his grasp on reality by himself. On top of that struggle he also wants to live what he feels the legacy of his father should be.

It probably doesn’t help that his father was Charles Xavier and there appears to be something stomping around through his multiple personalities that looks exactly like Professor X.

This issue opens with Legion taking Blindfold on a second ‘date’ and as one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe, he’s doing it in style. The ‘date’ takes place in a dreamscape in the astral plane as they focus on the memories of a new mutant who has the ability to take credit for anything that he wants. Even if someone else is clearly the person responsible they all view this new mutant as the one who deserves the credit. The art in these scenes sets the tone for the entire issue as what usually is just the abstract of Legion’s conscious is able to take root in every panel instead of just part of the book.

While at first he revels in the new found popularity, he soon feels that he is undeserving because he hasn’t done anything that he’s being praised for. Legion and Blindfold spend the better part of the issue trying to decide what to do with him. He could easily end up as a recluse according to Legion but they have a chance to push him towards politics or art and make something of his life. On the one hand he is an artist but how can he ever feel his work is good if he just gets praise because that’s what happens? On the other hand in a seat of politics he can actually make choices that would be something that has noticeable change.

His actions could receive praise but have actual consequences. Legion wants to push him in this direction though Blindfold feels that maybe his artist side is what should show through. While the decision is being made though, a creature appears and attacks them. He pushes Blindfold out of the astral plane and to safety. As Legion grasps for any of his personalities to draw a power from one steps forward. He not only steps forward but he takes control of Legion and while in charge pushes back the monster that is attacking them in the astral plane. Which personality was it that stepped in? The very same one who looks just like his departed father.

When he takes control though, Legion and the supposed Professor have their minds linked for a moment. He seems to see flashes of both the X-Men and something in space. I believe the space scene is a clue to what is actually happening and who this personality might actually be though for the life of me I am drawing a blank. I’m dying to know who this personality who has a resemblance (if golden skinned and being dubbed “Fiend” for a name) to Charles Xavier really is. It’s clearly a powerful personality and has some knowledge of Professor X’s memories.

In the end of the issue Fiend lets go his control over Legion with the ominous mention that Legion is not that monsters to kill and that all will become clear in time. With the last ounce of his power he pushes the unknown mutant at the beginning to join the art club.

It’s clear that time passes from here to the next scene though how much time is questionable. Blindfold received an e-mail to watch a video that has been posted online. The newly chosen artist has become wildly popular. However he is doing so anonymously as he felt compelled by a ghost to make this choice. This anonymity allows him to not feel that it is his power giving him credit for the praise his artwork is garnering and therefor will continue making great art without feeling he is cheating at it. This information is all delivered thorugh a news report that was being done by him and the first comment on the news report is a man asking Blindfold out on a second date.

I’ve been constantly enjoying this book on an issue by issue basis though am starting to wonder where exactly they are going to go with an overall story arc.

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Artist: Tan Eng Huat