In the true spirit of the saying “you may be down, but not out,” the FX series ‘Powers’ has certainly proven that it has staying power!

Back in February we reported that the network executives had decided to rewrite and retool the pilot and undergo some reshoots. As the actors’ contracts would expire as of March 1st, the network had to do some pretty quick thinking on the fate of the series.

Before March 1st came around, it was reported that Lucy Punch had been picked up to do a series for Fox indicating that the FX network has decided not to use her in the reworking of the pilot episode. Now it looks like another actor won’t be back. Khary Payton, who played Cutter in the pilot, has also said that he has been released from his contract with them and won’t be back.

Although he is no longer part of the new pilot, Payton had some great things to say about the one he was a part of:

“The thing is that it’s so cool. It’s SO cool! I love it. I love ‘Powers’. I love Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming… they’re amazing, and there really is a commitment. The higher ups want to do this so badly because they know it’s going to be the coolest thing on television. But it’s hard. It’s a hard concept, I think, to get. And they had to step back and start over again. From what I hear, the plan is still moving  forward.”

This bodes well knowing that the people behind the pilot want to make the new one even better. But unfortunately, in order to make the pilot better, there appears to be some casualties. “Unfortunately, we – all of the actors – got released,” continues Payton. “They’re literally starting over. They want to do it again. And fortunately and unfortunately, I’m doing another show, and I still hope beyond hope that I can be a part of ‘Powers.’ But I’m happy to be working.”  Payton did assure fans that “scripts are being turned out” and that everyone just wanted to have “more material to hear that they’re getting it right.”

So it seems as though the shakeup in the cast is not isolated to only Punch. What is disconcerting is that Payton mentions that “all the actors” were released from their contracts. Does that include lead actor Jason Patric? A representative from FX had told CBR, “I won’t comment on any of the actors’ contracts, but I’ll tell you this project is not dead, and it is still to be determined if we’ll move forward with reshoots on the pilot. There is currently no timetable on when to move forward.”

Last week Brian Michael Bendis confirmed that the series is still alive on his Facebook page:

So for now, fans will have to continue to wait for a ‘Powers’ series debut. The good news is that more scripts have been ordered. The not so good news…there may be another lead actor. Hopefully with the decision to start all over, it will also include the decision to keep Patric in the lead role as he seems to personify the character of ‘Powers’ perfectly.

I guess the wait continues…Stay tuned to for all the up to date details of this continuing saga!