This week, four low-resolution clips from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ hit the web, offering short glimpses into the world that director Marc Webb created for the web-slinger’s reboot.

This latest clip aired on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ when Emma Stone stopped by for an appearance. Unfortunately, the video cuts off at the end, but Stone’s Gwen Stacy obviously says, “I’d still go to the nurse.” Check out the clip below.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Clip Shown On ‘Ellen’:

While we’re not really sure what happened exactly, it’s safe to assume that Peter Parker probably pulled some heroics that would have resulted in a concussion for any normal man. What I’m also not really sure about is why exactly they chose to go with that clip to show off on ‘Ellen’. It wasn’t particularly comedic or dramatic, and mostly showed Andrew Garfield making weird faces. If this was the only thing that I’d seen from the movie, I’d be worried. Luckily, there are other trailers and clips, like the ones I’m about to talk about next.

Earlier this week, Collider shared some clips that were released as part of the film’s marketing campaign with Kellogg’s and Keebler products. To unlock the content, consumers simply aim their smartphones at Peter Parker on the package and the clip starts playing.

This first clip may look familiar to some people because it was one of the scenes that was unveiled at last year’s Comic-Con. Check out the clip to see what happens when you threaten Spider-Man with a knife.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Clip:

Now that gets me excited for the new film. I was wary of Garfield when he was cast in the role because I didn’t think that he fit, but this clip shows that he can hold his own in the Spidey suit. However, judging by the first clip, I’m not too sure how he’ll do as the mild-mannered Peter Parker.

These last two clips highlight Peter’s newly acquired spider powers.

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Clip:

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Clip:

What do you think about these new clips? Are you more excited for the July 3rd release date or do these clips have you worried for the future of our friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man? Let us know in the comment section.