Just last week, we got word that streaming video provider Netflix had dropped its plans to acquire the recently canceled ‘Terra Nova’ from Fox Television. At that time, it seemed like the time travel sci-fi favorite show was gone for good… much to many fans’ dismay.

Then, late yesterday, Fox did the unthinkable and announced that it had decided against canceling the show. There’s no word on whether Fox’s decision had anything to do with Netflix’s interest in picking it up or not, but ‘Terra Nova’ executive producer Brannon Braga put out a press release stating:

“After executives took another look at both the ratings for ‘Terra Nova’ as well as the production costs of the show, Fox has reconsidered its decision to cancel the show”

Actor Jason O’Mara, who plays Jim Shannon said of the unexpected flip, “I am overjoyed that  ‘Terra Nova’ is returning. I had a lot of fun in that world and with the cast. There is so much left to explore.” O’Mara can also be seen next year in the TV mini-series ‘To Appomattox’ where he costars with Rob Lowe.

Since the change was made so quickly after the cancellation announcement, it appears that the entire cast will continue on with their roles in season two. Now that things are back on track, ‘Terra Nova’ will begin filming in early summer and is expected back on the air before the end of 2012.

What do you think, fans? I wasn’t a big fan of ‘Terra Nova’, but I know from your comments that a lot of you are glad that it’s returning. Comment below and let us know what you’d like to see in season two.

Of course this news would make a lot of fans happy, but sadly for them, it’s untrue………..