Whovians around the world now have something to look forward to on the big screen as Warner Bros. has decided to pick up David Yates’ reboot version of the hit BBC series ‘Doctor Who.’

As reported previously, Yates had made a comment on how he was planning a whole new reboot of the Time Lord’s tale with a new Doctor separate from the series that is now on television. Originally, he had told Bleeding Cool that the movie probably wouldn’t be made for another 5-6 years but that timeline has changed now that Warner Bros. is on board. Warner Bros. is so excited that filming may start as early as June of this year, with a projected release date just in time for Christmas of 2013.

Seeing that Yates had hit gold for the studio with the Harry Potter franchise, Warner Bros. are hoping that ‘Doctor Who’ can do the same for them and start a new franchise for them. Warner Bros. will be working in conjunction with BBC Worldwide Productions to make the movie. This will be BBC Worldwide Productions’ first foray into feature films.

Not much about the plot is known for the film but Yates had stated he wanted to take the franchise into “new territory.” Apparently he has been reading a few blogs and agrees that “it’s time for a new Doctor” and that “fans will be happy when they meet her.” (What? What? What? Yes! You read right! He said “her!”)

Unfortunately Helen Mirren will not be playing the iconic Time Lord as its being reported that the filmmakers are looking towards bringing in a younger demographic. Some of the names tossed in the mix were Eva Longoria, Pamela Anderson, Lindsey Lohan, and Kate Upton.

When Digital Spy asked David Tennant (who played the 10th Doctor) what he thought of Yates’ reboot movie, he stated:

“I think it depends on how it’s done, it will always depend on how good something is. It’s all down to the quality of it. Something of good quality will always triumph. I don’t know enough about it to form an opinion but David Yates is a very talented man.”

Warner Bros. is planning to place the ‘Doctor Who’ movie on the fast track as they would like to try to release the movie to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the show.

I feel mixed about the news as it seems like Yates may be deviating from the norm of the show. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but how far he plans to deviate is the question. Although I like the idea of a female Time Lord, I can’t help but notice that all the actresses mentioned are all American (and at one point in time had ginger hair!) leading me to believe his version of the Doctor will not only be female but also non-British. And since they are going against convention, I’d like to see an alien as a companion, maybe even an Ood.

For those who may be upset about the news, just remember the old saying…You can’t always believe what you read!

Gotcha! Happy April Fool’s Day!