We are nearing the end of season 1 so let’s revisit some of the things we’ve revealed on our Fae map so far. Bo is a neutrally aligned Succubus (not always a great alignment – makes her a target and outside most Fae laws. But, it allows her to walk across party lines and interact with both alignments, Light & Dark. Handy). Bo’s Scooby Gang consists of Kenzi (side kick extraordinaire! Gets ALL the best lines and the best shoes!), Dyson (Bo’s healing love interest that happens to be able to turn into a wolf), Trick (aka Trickster, aka Fitzpatrick McCorrigan of clan Finharven, aka The Blood King – secrets much?), Lauren (the slightly backstabbing – I’m sure she had her reasons – doctor in service of the Ash, leader of the Light Fae), and Hale (Dyson’s wisecracking partner at the police agency that can sing one powerful song since he’s also a siren).  Not too long ago we were introduced to a wickedly devious Dark Fae, mesmer, named Vex. Remember him? He could work a person like a puppet and loved to laugh a lot.

Here there be SPOILERS….

This week’s episode opens with Dyson arguing with a rather large black man in the Goth bar, Carpe Noctem. Fire lighting and dark fairies dancing on trapeze set the scene of decadence. No unrespectable Goth bar would be complete without a Dark Fae… welcome back Vex! In no uncertain terms, Vex reminds Dyson that he is on Dark Fae territory and needs to stand down. In growling reluctance, Dyson leaves the bar.

Chili powder, ground cumin… sounds like chili! Bo & Kenzi seem to be concocting a magic brew, but upon the taste test and a completely unladylike spitting, decide to make grilled cheese instead. Ok so our heroes can kick ass but they can’t cook. A girl’s got to have a flaw to stay spicy!

In an alley, outside Carpe Noctem, a large, white, snarling wolf takes a bite out of earlier said large black man. Dyson wakes up half naked, covered in blood, in the alley next to a very dead, large black man (yes, THAT large black man).

Bo and Kenzi are at their regular watering hole, the Dal, asking Trick about Dyson. Seems he’s lived in Spain and Iceland. Before Trick can dole out more, Dyson walks in covered in blood and asks for sanctuary. Trick clears the bar. Dyson can’t remember anything after work the night before but he knows the blood is from a Dark Fae psycho named Ba’al (that really dead large black man). He thinks he’s being set up. (Can no one hand Dyson a towel so the man can clean the blood off his mouth?!?) Bo is going to get answers from Vex, much to Dyson’s dismay.

Bo and Kenzi arrive at the police station to get the scoop from Hale. He has surveillance footage of three witnesses that saw Dyson fighting with Ba’al inside the bar – Silus (the bartender), Portia (a human thrall owned by Vex), and Vex himself.

Bo and Kenzi go back to Carpe Noctem to gather info from the darker side. While talking to the bartender, Silus, Vex interrupts. Silus and Vex believe Dyson did it, hands down, because they both saw him threaten Ba’al. Bo’s not getting any information out of these two.  Kenzi decides to stay and sniff out the human, Portia. “It’s Friday night! Where better to be than a deadly Dark Fae dance club?”

Bo returns to the Dal to deliver clean, blood-free, clothes to Dyson. It’s what good girlfriends do. But really who wants Dyson to put a shirt on? Bo is a bit obsessed with finding out about Dyson so she asks about the tattoo on his back (don’t we ALL want to know about THAT tattoo). Dyson tells her its lycanthrope. It’s souvenirs of battle – all of the lords he’s sworn fealty to over the years. Instead of continuing down memory lane, Dyson diverts the conversation back to Ba’al and how they originally met. Years ago he was tracking a killer that was leaving a trail of bodies around town. He came upon a house where a husband and wife were killed. The kitchen sink was filled with blood. This is the calling card of a red cap – Dark Fae that soak their hats in the blood of their victims. The red cap, Ba’al, was still there. Dyson went after him but Ba’al stuck him with a silver blade, almost killing him. The Dark Fae elders saw this as only self-defense and took no action against Ba’al. The humans that were killed meant nothing. To them Ba’al had done nothing wrong. Dyson was in the wrong for following him.  Dyson has held a grudge ever since. He admits he wanted to kill Ba’al but it doesn’t make sense to argue with him then kill him outside. He wouldn’t do it that way. Before they could get any further in the conversation, the Morrígan arrives to collect Dyson for “questioning.” Unfortunately for her, Trick reminds her of the law of sanctuary so she leaves in a huff.

Kenzi is trolling out at the club in search of Portia. She scores and finds the thrall at the bar. They hit it off as wayward lost souls. Portia thought Ba’al was a total dick, just like everyone else that works the bar, and deserved what he got. She saw Dyson go into the alley just before Ba’al then heard a wolf growl. Not looking good for our favorite wolf man.

The Ash makes an appearance at the Dal to plead his case for Dyson to turn himself over to the Morrigan to prevent war. Trick stands up to him as well. The Ash is beginning to suspect there’s more to Trick than being a mild mannered bar keeper.

Trick finds a Fae to rut through Dyson’s memories to sort out the missing gaps in his noggin. That particular time is completely scorched clean, possibly from another Fae, possibly from a drug. Dyson did, however, discover he made a phone call after work and planned to meet someone.

Kenzi invites Portia to crash at their place. While there we see she’s been sliced and diced like a ginsu but she doesn’t remember how she got the cuts.

Bo pays a visit to the person on the other end of line of the mysterious phone call. It happens to be an art dealer. Using her special bit of magic, Bo pulls the scoop out of him (he loves every minute of it). It seems he was afraid things had gone too far in the special “games” Ba’al had to offer in the club basement.  These games involved hurting girls, making them forget, and then killing them when he’s done. One night Ba’al went a little overboard and killed a Light Fae girl. Killing humans is fine, but killing a Light Fae can get you 10-20 on the Morrigan’s rack.

Dyson can’t handle the sitting on the sidelines gig any longer so he leaves the sanctuary of the Dal and heads to Carpe Noctem, where’s he’s ambushed by The Morrigan and her goon squad. They chain him to the ceiling and begin to torture him with a burning hot poker. Again we have a shirtless Dyson! And Vex really loves his job with the red hot pocker. Wait. Are those bunny ears on the wall? You just never know what you’re going to find in a Dark Fae dungeon.

Snooping around the dungeon, Bo and Kenzi happen up a locked up Portia (They don’t post guards in this dungeon? Bad form Dark Fae. What kind of bad guys are you?) After freeing the little Goth girl they try to save Dyson. Bo and Kenzi got it all figured out, “Here’s how it went down.” Silus fell in love with Portia but he knew Ba’al would kill her just like all the other girls. So he spikes Dyson’s drink and dumps him in the alley. Oh look Silus is a lycanthrope just like Dyson. All he had to do was rip Ba’al’s throat open and leave him next to an unconscious Dyson. Oops, the secret is out. Bo wins. The Morrigan loses. Our Scooby Gang gets to go free.

Back at the Dal, the Ash eats a little crow and apologizes to Dyson. The moral of this story – Dyson needs to be shirtless at least twice in every episode.

Tune in next Monday when Bo and Dyson go yuppie. It MUST be a horror episode!

Stay Fae y’all!

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