By now I’m sure that everyone knows that ‘The Hunger Games’ is a hit. It shattered box office records with its midnight showings, toppling even the likes of ‘The Dark Knight’. Now, Hollywood is hard at work looking for the next novel that will have the same success as the first film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ series. According to THR, ‘Starters’ by Lissa Price could be that next big hit.

Set in a dystopian United States in shambles, ‘Starters’ follows Callie, a 16 year old living in a world where only the young, called Starters, and the elderly, called Enders, have survived a biological attack that killed anyone who wasn’t vaccinated. To try to help her family better themselves, she joins an organization that lets the old people “rent” the bodies of young, who have no recollection of what goes on during the inhabitation. While taking part in this program, Callie discovers that there’s a deep, dark secret being hidden from the young people taking part in the renting.

The book is only about two weeks old, and in its short time on the shelves, it immediately began to be compared to ‘The Hunger Games’. A story about strong female protagonist living in a dystopian future that’s willing to do anything to help her younger sibling survive, even enter an iffy ritual that everyone just accepts? Yeah, I can see where the likenesses come in. Another similarity is in the way that ‘Starters’ is being shopped around town. Like ‘The Hunger Games’, the option includes a draft of the script written by the author of the books.

ICM picked the right time to unleash this little gem on Hollywood. After all, they’re doing pretty much everything that ‘The Hunger Games’ did, so how can studios say no? Even though ‘Starters’ doesn’t have the fandom surrounding it yet, it very well could be the next young adult novel to strike gold at the box office.

What do you think? Does ‘Starters’ by Lissa Price sound like something you’d want to see in theaters in a few years?