And the ‘Dead’ storyline moves along. Last issue, Deadpool instigated a gang war in the NYC underworld to try and draw out whoever has the serum that can nullify mutant powers. Deadpool’s reasoning? He wants someone to shoot him with it so that he can finally get what he wants… and just die.

This issue, Deadpool and his X-Force teammate plot a strike on the Kingpin’s headquarters to try and find the serum. Meanwhile, Deadpool is continuing his insane game of chess (in which only he understands the rules) and calls Daken to inform him that his good ol’ dad Wolverine wants him out of town.

Back at the Kingpin’s place, the crimelord and his bodyguard Typhoid Mary are torturing Bob, the Hydra agent (and alleged “friend” of Deadpool) for information on exactly what Deadpool is up to.

It’s in the middle of this interrogation that X-Force shows up and things get insane. I won’t ruin the chaotic fun for you but people are shot, Deadpool’s inner voices almost give away his plan, and we learn that there are parachutes strong enough to hold the Kingpin.

The cover to this issue has Deadpool sitting in the arms of his on-again off-again girlfriend Death and holding a sign that reads “Well… It’s About Time!” I won’t spoil anything and tell you if this is the issue where Deadpool gets his deathwish… but someone does get hit with the anti-mutant serum before the issue runs its course. (How’s that for a teaser?)

Writer Daniel Way has ramped things up with each issue of ‘Dead’ and this one is no exception. As a long-time anti-Deadpool comic fan, I’ve actually been enjoying this arc quite a bit. And while I still don’t care for the Deadpool character on his own, I do like the X-Force team and Deadpool’s place within the group. I’ll definitely be sticking around through the end of ‘Dead’ in ‘Deadpool’ #54 to see how this plays out.

One final thing… that cover from Dave Johnson is great! It’s like a humorous take on some of Mike Mignola’s ‘Hellboy’ artwork and very befitting the story of an idiot like Deadpool who is on a suicide mission… literally.

‘Deadpool’ #52 is a fun read that is well worth the cover price.

Verdict: Buy

Written by DANIEL WAY