Young director Josh Trank has been quite the hot topic around Hollywood. After ‘Chronicle’ hit theaters to a bit of acclaim, his name was thrown around in conversations about a new ‘Fantastic Four‘ movie and a ‘Venom‘ spin-off. However, it looks as if neither will be his next project because Deadline is reporting that Warner Brothers just scooped him up to direct their adaptation of the graphic novel ‘The Red Star’.

Set in a mythical Soviet Russia where futuristic technology mixes with magical elements, the sci-fi fantasy comic book series follows Marcus Antares, a Red Fleet infantry captain who goes up against an ex-leader who ruled with an iron fist.

The series was created by Christian Gossett, and the script will be written by Jason Rothberg, who has also been tapped to write the new ‘Twilight Zone’ film for Matt Reeves and Warner Bros. Taking over the producing duties will be Neal Moritz under his Original Film banner. Mortiz was recently in the news when he told us all that we won’t be seeing ‘The Green Hornet’ on screen again anytime soon.

‘The Red Star’ will be the first deal signed for Trank after his $12 million film ‘Chronicle’ grossed $116million. Compared to his directing debut, this new project seems a bit more ambitious than what he’s used to, based on the story description. Hopefully, the young director can rise to the challenge so he can move on to giving the public a proper version of Venom on the big screen.