Do you remember playing ‘Warcraft’, or let’s take it really old school with ‘Dungeon Crawl’, and the only area you could see was right around your character? You had to explore and as you did, you discovered new items, new treasures and new enemies. This is how ‘Lost Girl’ works! Each episode reveals just a little bit more of Bo and the cast of characters in the Fae realm.

Here there be SPOILERS….

Last week Bo got to read a bit of Fae history written by the Blood King, as well as learning about La Shoshain.  Nothing specific was revealed until we had a very small but very important bomb dropped on our heads in the last 3 minutes. A golden part of our Fae map was revealed. Trick is the WHAT?! Did Dyson really call him the Blood King?! We get to revisit a little of that in this episode.

The best aspect of this show, in my opinion, is the interaction between Kenzi and Bo. The episode opens with “Two incredibly sexy hot girls sitting at home, waxing their weapons on a Friday night” while commiserating over the woes of dating. It seems Bo and Dyson have decided to slow things down, which has Bo a bit frustrated and letting us know “the dating scene is killer” as she imbeds a throwing knife in a dressform.

True to form, ‘Lost Girl’ doesn’t take long to get to the first steamy sex scene. This time, however, it’s not our usual Bo, Dyson or even Lauren. Instead, it’s a random couple that met in a bar. The scene is short but sweet and takes us to the next morning where the young lady awakens to an empty bed. Things take a dark, emo twist as our victim writes “whore” all over her bathroom windows before taking an electrifying blow dryer bath. Not believing the police ruled suicide, Collette, the victim’s sister, hires Bo to investigate. She doesn’t believe her sister would do something like that.

To get more information, Bo visits Dyson. His hands are tied and he has no info that indicates foul play. The only place Bo can go now is Lauren, much to her dismay. In a scene full of awkward (Lauren and Bo have not spoken since the “you lured me into bed to manipulate me for your boss” incident in ‘Vexed‘), Lauren can’t tell from the file if any Fae were involved but she can say for certain that the victim wrote the messages on the window and she had sex prior to killing herself. Bo dishes out a verbal slap and exits before she gives Lauren a chance to apologize.

Meanwhile, Kenzi goes to the Dal. “Hit me with some hooch T-Bag… T-dog,” then in her best Oliver Twist impersonation she says, “Please sir may I have some beverage?” Trick caves in to the cuteness of Kenzi and hands her a bottle. “Oh My God, it’s like Christmas!” Up walks another little person, Balentine, and sternly reminds Trick that he’ll be back at midnight to reclaim the coin. Before Kenzi can interrogate Trick, Bo interrupts with a “Two words: Lauren kiss my ass. Lotta hyphens in that last one” and drags Kenzi out of the bar.

Bo and Kenzi meet Collette and take a look at her sister’s apartment. There they find that Allison had been frequenting a bar called Crimson every Friday night. The next logical step is to check out that bar. Little did they know that every Friday night is Speed Dating Night. Kenzi tries to bolt but Bo explains that at 2 minute intervals they can both be out of there in 15. After a few unsuccessful “dates” and more hilarious Kenzi quotes, a gorgeous woman sits down with Bo and plants one on her!

Allow me to introduce, Saskia, another succubus! Interesting, more of our Fae map is revealed. Have we just discovered a new ally or a new enemy? She’s not too happy about another Fae hunting on her turf. After a bit of ruffled feathers, the two decide to have a chat over drinks. Saskia explains she’s new in town. Bo entertains her with a quaintness of actually working. Saskia is obviously the Jedi master in this situation.

Kenzi gets bored so finds her way back to the Dal where Trick talks her into helping him with a minor problem. “Is this some kind of sex thing or like a virgin sacrifice? Cuz I don’t think I can help you with that one.” No sacrifices. He needs her help finding the coin that Balentine is coming to get. It’s gone missing. In order to find it, Trick needs a human girl to talk to a kind of Fae that only humans can see. Being the Kenzi that she is, she agrees. We all know Trick is going to owe her for this.

Saskia wants to see “Nancy Drew” in action, see how the other half lives, so she tags along as Bo questions the speed dating coordinator. Even using her ability, Bo is unable to get any real usable information. Bert never noticed anything out of the ordinary. All the men loved Allison. Bo does, however, get a list of men Allison checked off as potential dates.

They retreat back to Bo’s place to chat more about being a succubus. Saskia tosses a whole lot of info at Bo who geeks out and tries to take notes. Saskia assures Bo she’s not going anywhere so they have time to share. Seems Saskia has found her young padawan and can’t wait to teach Bo everything. Kenzi is getting either jealous or she’s not trusting Saskia. She’s definitely on alert.

Cut to Collette answering the door and screaming.

The next day, Bo visits Dyson who’s found that more women have committed suicide in the same pattern. As usual, after Bo gets what she came for they get a little lovey-dovey and Bo leaves.

Bo and Saskia are supposed to visit Collette but instead find her dead with the same kind of emo, “filthy slut” markings on the wall. Saskia panics a little after she realizes they are dealing with an Albaster, a Fae that feeds on shame.

At the Dal, Trick explains why they need to summon a Lightning Bird. It seems that he put the Dal up as collateral if he ever lost the coin. So in order to find it, they need to cast a location spell. That requires a Lightning Bird egg.

Turns out Albasters are the Succubae’s worst enemy. Saskia emphatically suggests Bo walk away. Kenzi suggests Allison may have met the Albaster as she left. Kenzi does a camera search and discovers Allison leaving with a pickup artist Saskia recognizes.

Trick and Kenzi cast the spell to summon the Lightning Bird. While they wait, Kenzi attempts to negotiate payment for services. Kenzi: “We need to negoch. If I help save your bar tonight I want 10% ownership.” Trick: “No” Kenzi: “I want the coin for a year.” Trick: “No” Kenzi: “I want a uuunicorn!” Trick: “No” Eventually they strike a deal for forgiveness of her bar tab and free drinks for life. These two are the cutest pals EVER! Glorice, the Lightning Bird, appears and Kenzi uses her con-fu to get Glorice to give up an egg in exchange for a future favor. Kenzi really is gifted. Glorice agrees and before she departs she tells Kenzi “I don’t know why HE wasted his time calling little ‘ol me. He could get whatever he wanted if he just started writing in his book of blood again.” Kenzi decides to hold this little bit of info to herself.

Meanwhile in an alley, Bo and Saskia interrogate the pickup artist about Allison. He’s completely unaware of Allison’s death. Saskia reveals a succubus trick – she’s able to drain the man to death then bring him back using her chi. Bo is floored.

Trick mixes up an omelet, dunks an amulet and finds the location of the coin on a map. It happens to be in a cemetery.

Bo gets a surprise at home. She finds the speed dating coordinator, aka the Albaster, waiting for her. He has a certain kind of distaste for succubae and wants to teach her a lesson.

Trick, Kenzi and Hale arrive at a crypt only to find, after prying off a stone lid, the coin is missing. Kenzi has an epiphany and leads them off.

Bo and the Albaster go at each other using their Fae abilities. Bo’s not doing very well. Lucky for her, Saskia shows up in the nick of time to save her. Both look hungrily at Bert, “I’m thinking he’s not going to like this threesome at all.”

A very cocky Balentine shows up at the Dal to claim the coin. Instead Kenzi accuses him of pulling a “Dutch heifer,” in other words he pulled a fast con on Trick. It seems Trick never had the real coin; Balentine had it hidden all along. Balentine caves under the threat of Hale frisking him and hands over the coin. All is now well in the Dal, thanks to a flower and Kenzi being amazing, as usual.

Together, Bo and Saskia interrogate Bert. Finding out that the Albaster is Dark Fae, Bo decides she needs to call Dyson. While her attention is averted, Saskia takes pleasure in … well she just takes the pleasure right out of Bert, to the point of death. Bo blows a gasket. Saskia points out that Dark Fae deal with situations in a very different way then leaves Bo to clean up the mess.

As usual Dyson comes to Bo’s rescue and covers up for her. Bo has yet, through this entire affair, said anything to Dyson about Saskia. Even as Dyson talks about covering for her with the Morrigan.

Kenzi spills the beans about knowing Trick’s “secret.” The Trickster plays it off as a wild imagination. “Go home urchin. Remind Bo why she needs you.” Kenzi does just that. Instead of making it all about her, Bo gives Kenzi a massive hug and allows her to tell her tale.

As a foreshadowing of things to come, the episode ends with Bo spotting a jacket that Saskia just happened to leave behind. Who is Saskia? When will we see her again?

Wow Wow! So much more of our Fae map has been exposed in just one little episode! Bo finds another succubus! Kenzi learns Trick is someone important! Trick has more mysteries than a bag of holding! I can’t wait to find out more!

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