The magical world of New York City is getting more populated as casting continues for the ABC pilot ‘Gotham.’ Word has it that British actor Brian Cox has joined the show about a detective who learns that the city has a whole secret side that everyone is unaware of.

Not to be mistaken for the renowned particle physicist of the same name, this Brian Cox has been in the movies ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’, ‘X2’, and ‘The Ring.’ He’s also guest starred in the TV shows ‘Red Dwarf’, ‘Kings’, and ‘Doctor Who.’

In ‘Gotham,’ Cox will play Alderman Morrill, an “intelligent and sharp-eyed gentleman” who owns a clock shop and is actually entrusted to keep the secret magic world within New York City running on an even keel. He will be joining Megan Ketch who plays Detective Annie Travers who stumbles upon the magical world within New York City while investigating an “impossible murder” of a nightclub owner, Barry Sloane who plays Boyo, Travers’ partner who is from this magical world and Lennie James who plays Gabriel Riga, the magnetic and wealthy CEO who is running for Mayor of New York City.

‘Gotham’ was written by Michael Green (‘Heroes’, ‘The River’, ‘Green Lantern’) and will be directed by Francis Lawrence (‘Touch’, ‘Kings’, ‘I Am Legend’). If executives like the pilot, expect to see ‘Gotham’ next season.

Source: Deadline