Michael Fassbender

We’ve reported on some of the awesome viral marketing being put out for Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’, including the TED Talk featuring Guy Pearce and the Weyland Industries website. Yesterday, in addition to all the other crazy publicity being done for the movie, more viral marketing went live.

The first bit was unveiled at WonderCon. Thanks to Collider, we got a glimpse of a Weyland Corp business card that was given to fans at the convention that had a phone number and a website on it. If you call the number, a Weyland Corp operator tells you that all lines are busy, but it notifies you of a text that you’ve just received. The text contains a link to a video narrated by star Michael Fassbender. The video shows the opening of a box containing the human-like android that Fassbender plays in the film. The video is rather freaky, but very well done. Check it out and see for yourself.

The next bit of viral marketing that went live yesterday was the corporate timeline section of the Weyland Industries website. Fans of the ‘Alien’ series will especially enjoy this because the timeline includes many nods and details that tie the series to ‘Prometheus’. The good folks over at Alien Prequel News outline a number of dates that stand out as interesting.

Little tidbits contained in the timeline range from ties to real life with NASA’s Project Prometheus that lasted from 2003-2006, to locations of planets that one would recognize from the ‘Alien’ movies, to the mention of the power loader, which Ripley used to defeat the alien queen in ‘Aliens’. For the full timeline, check out this page of the Weyland Industries website. How many references to the original series can you spot? Or, if you’re feeling lazy, you could always check out Alien Prequel News, who does all the work for you.

What do you think of the marketing for ‘Prometheus’ so far? Will any other releases this year top this viral marketing campaign? Might this actually be better than some of the things Christopher Nolan’s Batman series has done to market the film to its audience? Let me know what you think in the comments section.