The name Roddenberry has been synonymous with the science fiction genre for years. Best known as the creator of ‘Star Trek’, Gene Roddenberry’s career spanned over four decades and spawned six television series, 715 episodes, and eleven films, with a twelfth currently in development. And that’s only ‘Star Trek’.

After Gene’s passing, his son Rod took up the family business, and is now teaming up with Benderspink to co-develop the critically acclaimed graphic novel series ‘Days Missing’ for film and TV. This news from Deadline marks the first time a show has had the Roddenberry name attached to it since ‘Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda’ and ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’.

‘Days Missing’ chronicles 24 hour periods of time that have changed the course of human evolution, but have been erased from the collective human memory by an all-powerful and ancient being known as The Steward, who keeps all the forgotten events logged in his library.

Trevor Roth, creator of the graphic novels and head of development for Roddenberry Entertainment, says that Benderspink “really understands Roddenberry’s brand of science fiction and the potential of this property.” The heir to Roddenberry throne had this to say about the ‘Days Missing’ project:

“Days Missing is another wonderful example of the kind of science fiction Roddenberry stands for—an exploration of the human condition wrapped up in an extraordinary adventure that not only entertains but challenges audiences to think, question and explore. The depth of its characters and the relevance of its dilemmas provide opportunity for viewers to emotionally involve themselves in the story.”

Currently, the third installment of the graphic novel, ‘Days Missing: Enox’, is in production and is slated to be released later this year.