Paramount has announced that they have just signed Zack Estrin to write the screenplay for ‘Paranormal Activity 4.’ This may seem like an odd move considering most studios usually hire a scribe first then announce a release date but as we reported in January, the studios had already announced that the fourth installment would be released in October even before a script was written.

Estrin seems like a logical choice as he is currently the writer and executive producer on ABC’s found footage series ‘The River’ which is also executive produced by ‘Paranormal Activity’ producer Jason Blum and created by the same person who created the horror franchise, Oren Peli.

If that isn’t enough to sell you, Estrin has also written on other shows such as ‘Charmed’ and ‘No Ordinary Family’ and has been a producer on ‘Tru Calling’ and ‘Miracles.’ He certainly doesn’t lack experience in this genre!

The plot of ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ is being kept under wraps so it’s not known if the movie will pick up where ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ left off or will it jump a few years forward. Directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are expected to return to film this sequel but according to THR, their studio sources have told them that they are not in negotiations with the duo at the moment.

With ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ earning $205 million worldwide and only costing $5 million to make, it’s not surprising that another sequel would be made. I’m sure with the success of young Katie and Kristi’s story, we may be seeing the two siblings again soon.

‘Paranormal Activity 4’ is slated to be released on October 19th.