About the same time the CW network announced that they had green-lit the pilot for ‘The Selection’, they also announced they would be making an American version of the Isreali show ‘Danny Hollywood’ called ‘Joey Dakota’. While it seems like the casting for ‘The Selection’ has been coming along, we’re finally getting some news about who will now play the title role of Joey.

Deadline is reporting that Craig Horner, star of the fantasy series ‘Legend of the Seeker’ will be the leading man in CW’s new time travel pilot. He will be joining Amber Stevens (‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, ‘Greek’) and Leah Renee (‘The Playboy Club’) who were cast last week.

‘Joey Dakota’ centers on Maya (Amber Stevens), a documentary filmmaker who is filming a documentary about rock star Joey Dakota (Horner) who met an untimely death in the 1990’s. She travels back in time where she meets and falls in love with him. Unexpectedly, she is returned to her present time and is resolved to go back to the 90’s to reunite with her love and prevent his death. (Forget about all the Butterfly Effect or paradoxes! This is love people!) Leah Renee is Kelsey, a beautiful young movie star and one of Maya’s best friends.

The pilot was written by Bert Royal (‘Easy A’) who will executive produce with ‘NCIS’ star Mark Harmon, Kim and Eric Tannenbaum (‘Two and a Half Men’) and Martha Caight (‘Chaos’). At the moment, the drama has no director attached but I’m sure that won’t be for long.

Not sure what I think of this pilot but I do think that if the rock star were from a time further back (like the 80’s), it may make for a more interesting story. The mullets alone would be entertaining to see. Whether or not ‘Joey Dakota’ is made into a series won’t be known until May, so once we know, we’ll let you know!