Oh, ‘Lost Girl,’ how do I love thee? Let me count the ways: 1. Snappy dialogue, 2. Sexy love scenes, 3. Kenzi being Kenzi, 4. Great action, 5. Wonderful character interactions—I could go on, but I will end the gushing now so we can get to what happened on this week’s episode.

This is a recap, so expect spoilers!

A bloody Bo stumbles down a hallway. Dyson works out. Bo arrives at Dyson’s place; he told her that the healing booty calls were over, but he can’t resist. They have hot sex, and Bo heals. Afterwards, Bo tells Dyson she was tracking a guy; she thought he was alone, but he wasn’t. Dyson notices that she is healing faster; Bo says it is because of Lauren. Once Lauren’s name is said, Dyson gets snippy. He says that Lauren will never love her. What right does Dyson have talking about love? None. He tells her again that there will be no more sex for any reason. Bo needs to learn how to heal without his help.

Bo and Kenzi enter an abandoned building. Bo complains about Dyson. Kenzi tells her that Bo needs to pick between Lauren and Dyson. Bo doesn’t want to pick. The guy they are there to meet is found hanging from a noose. They think he is dead, but he is not! The man is a Fae, a vampire, so more than a lynching is needed to kill him. Bo gives him a bag full of blood from a blood bank. As payment, the vampire, Siegfried, gives her a newspaper clipping about a woman on death row for killing her children. Bo is angry; he promised information about her mother. Siegfried says that she knows about Bo’s mother. Bo feels duped. He says that he promised her information, not that she could easily get the information.

Lauren examines Bo, who flirts with the doctor. Lauren enjoys working with Fae, and she tells Bo that a succubus needs a healthy sex life, especially for healing. Bo confesses that she was with Dyson for healing. Lauren tries to play it cool, but fails.

Bo and Kenzi go to the prison. Kenzi used her skills and got them fake credentials. They’re not on the list, but Bo touches the guard, and her powers of persuasion get them through. The woman, Lou Ann, is a Fae, and she knows about Bo, but not her mother. Bo is perplexed; she has no idea why Siegfried would lie to her.

Siegfried listens to opera while preparing a meal. Another Fae appears. Siegfried is in trouble; the other male Fae can manipulate Siegfried like a puppet. He forces the vampire to shove his hand into the garbage disposal. Siegfried tries to fight the control the other has over him, but he cannot stop from turning the disposal on. Siegfried loses his hand in a very bloody and gruesome manner.

The police are at Siegfried’s. The vampire not only lost his hand, but he lost his life too. Dyson is there, and he is not happy to see Bo arrive and even more upset when he learns she knew the vampire. Dyson drags Bo away from the scene. She tells him what has been going on; he informs her that Lou Ann is a Dark Fae, and when the Dark are involved, she needs to back away. Bo doesn’t like being told what to do for no good reason (politics are not a good enough reason for her), so she makes a deal with Dyson—he shows her the files on Lou Ann and Siegfried, and if there is nothing there, then she will back away. Dyson tells her that she has used her last favor.

Back home, Bo discovers no obvious connection between Lou Ann, Siegfried, and herself. Kenzi tells her that the vampire had his heart ripped out. Bo realizes that no one should be able to get that close to him. Lou Ann drowned her children and burned the house down, but she seems to be innocent. Siegfried just let someone walk up to him and rip out his heart. Bo thinks someone controlled them.

Bo goes back to Lou Ann. Lou Ann tells Bo that she fell in love with a human and defied the Dark Fae by choosing him over her own kind. Lou Ann did not violate the one rule, which is revealing her true nature, but the Dark Fae still felt slighted. As punishment, her children were killed, and she was blamed for the crime. Bo is shocked that any Fae would kill innocent children for no valid reason. Bo wants to help Lou Ann, who wants to know why Bo would want to help. Bo thinks they are connected somehow, so she will use her Light Fae contacts to help.

Lauren gets Bo an audience with the Ash. Lauren is anxious; she wants Bo to behave. Lauren doesn’t understand that Bo is Bo. The Ash knows about Lou Ann and refuses to help. Interfering in Dark Fae matters will complicate things and possibly start a war, and no one wants to start any trouble. Well, no one but Bo. Lauren is upset that Bo didn’t behave. According to Lauren, Bo doesn’t understand what is going on. Bo tells Lauren that she will use her other contacts.

Bo goes to Mayer, the Dark Fae that feeds on luck. Before Bo can explain the situation, he tells her he knows what she is up to; she is not subtle. He won’t help her. He says that it is too dangerous for him to help her get Lou Ann out of prison; the humans are paying attention to her, and the Fae avoid attention from humans at all costs. Mayer understands why the Dark punished her; it is their way. If he won’t help get Lou Ann out of prison, then Bo wants help finding who the real killer is. Mayer agrees to help her with this. He also warns Bo to be careful because she has made enemies.

Kenzi plays a video game; she wears headphones. Bo goes to take a bath. There is someone in the house behind Kenzi; she looks behind her, but the intruder has slipped upstairs. Bo senses danger is near. She gets a knife. Bo thinks someone is behind her; she turns. No one is there. Suddenly, the shower curtain is ripped down and covers Bo. The attacker tries to drown Bo, but Bo fights back. The fight is intense. The slamming of bodies against the floor and the walls finally gets Kenzi’s attention. Kenzi, with trusty sword in hand, rushes to Bo’s aid; she distracts the attacker. Bo takes a piece of wood and stabs the attacker, but the attacker doesn’t die immediately, so Bo electrocutes her to finish the job.

Dyson comes over. Bo was attacked by a Morragh, but the Elders did not sanction an assassination attempt on Bo. If they did, they would have sent a task force. Dyson tells her that since she hasn’t picked a side, she has no protection; Dyson wants her to pick a side, but Bo thinks there is a different way to do things. Dyson says she can stay with him, but she refuses; she wants his help, not his pity.

The Ash talks to Lauren. He knows that she has been helping Bo, but he gives her an out—Lauren confirms that she has been helping Bo to benefit the Light Fae. The Ash knows the Dark Fae Bo is looking for—Vex, a Mesmer. If Bo kills Vex, then the Dark will kill Bo, and the Ash wants Bo alive. The Ash will negotiate with the Morrigan to get Vex out of the way, and he wants Lauren to keep Bo on a tight leash. Lauren has tried to reason with Bo, but the Ash tells Lauren that Bo is a succubus, and she needs to use their relationship to keep Bo preoccupied.

Bo goes to Trick for advice. In the back room, Bo notices the symbol on an amulet is the same as Lauren’s necklace. Trick tells her that Lauren is the ward of the Ash; Lauren doesn’t work for the Ash, the Ash owns her. Lauren did not tell Bo this. All Fae feed off of humans in some way, and Bo learns from Trick that the Morragh feeds off rage; Bo’s investigation has made someone very angry. Bo is worried that she might get attacked again; Trick tells her that she has to defend herself. Bo doesn’t want to lose control, but Trick says that she needs to take control. He gives her a Siracon; it is a weapon. The Siracon, when activated, covers Bo’s right hand and extends a blade; it reminds me of the Witchblade, but without the demon possession. The Siracon protects the barrier and can harm all Fae.

Lauren goes to Bo’s place. They talk. Bo is helping Lou Ann because Bo wants a chance at a normal life; she wants the freedom to choose how she lives her life. Lou Ann made a choice, and she was punished for it. Bo thinks all Fae have the right to make their own decisions. Bo wants to continue her investigation, but Lauren stops her. She kisses Bo. They kiss. Bo stops; she doesn’t want to hurt Lauren. Lauren says she trusts her. They have sex. During their lovemaking, Bo rips off Lauren’s necklace, saying that no one should own Lauren.

After the sex, Lauren is alive! Bo was able to control her powers. Bo is dressed and ready to leave. Lauren wants her to stay. Bo didn’t peg her as the clingy type, and Lauren says that she just wants to protect her and that Bo should drop the case. Lauren lets it slip that they only need a few more hours to solve the situation politically. Bo is confused. Was Lauren sent to her? Lauren thinks she didn’t do anything wrong because they have her best interests in mind; Vex is too dangerous for her. Bo’s anger erupts: Lauren is in her bed because the Ash sent her. That is extremely wrong. Bo picks up the necklace and tells Lauren to make sure she remembers her dog collar.

Bo goes to Mayer. He won’t give her the information. She calls in the debt. He has to tell her where Vex is. He tells her that Vex is a favorite of the Dark Elders.

Bo gears up. Knives, crossbow, sword, and the Siracon are her weapons. She is the definition of badass.

Trick is at Lou Ann’s execution.

Bo goes to where Vex is. He knows all about her. Bo goes to throw a knife at him, but he gestures and controls her, making her stab herself. Vex goes down to her and taunts her.

Kenzi and Dyson play pool at the pub. Trick is seen at the bar. Lauren goes to Dyson; she made a mistake. She tells Dyson about Bo going to Vex. Dyson and Kenzi leave.

Bo tells Vex she will enjoy killing him. She talks to him; he gets close to her. She slowly reaches behind her back. She pulls out the knife; Vex’s attention follows the knife. Bo takes the Siracon and hits him with it, knocking him across the room. The blade extends. She holds the blade to Vex’s neck. He says that he knows things about her, about her mom. She wants him to talk; he claims to have manipulated the situation with Siegfried in order to draw her to him. Dyson and Kenzi enter. Dyson pulls Bo off of Vex and tells Vex to leave. He holds Bo, preventing her from going after Vex. Dyson says that if she kills Vex, the Dark will not stop until she is dead. Bo holds the Siracon’s blade to Dyson’s neck. She doesn’t care, but Dyson does. Bo takes away the blade. She thinks she has lost her only lead, but Dyson says that it was all a lie. No one knows about her or her mother. Bo believes someone has to.

A body bag moves. Lou Ann emerges, very much alive. Trick is there. He says, “We need to talk.”

I doubt Trick being at the execution and the pub is a continuity mistake. Trick is a Fae; in fact, he is an Elder, and his ability has not been revealed. He could be at two places at once, or he could have a twin. It is also possible that the timeline was manipulated by editing; Trick could have gone to the execution after Dyson let Vex go. It will be interesting to discover why Trick would go to Lou Ann’s execution. I am not surprised Lou Ann is alive; she is Fae, and this episode shows that many Fae do not die by ordinary means.

Bo’s lack of subtly has given everyone a way to manipulate her. By claiming to have knowledge about her past, any Fae can get her to do their dirty work. Dyson and Trick seem to know more about Bo than they are telling her, which is keeping her in danger. Trick gave her the Siracon, so he is concerned about her, but I hope Trick will tell Bo what he knows soon.

Two hot sex scenes plus Badass Bo equals the best episode of the season so far.

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