When it comes to The Governor appearing on walking dead, the question has never been if he would appear, but rather when and who would play him when he arrived. Both of those questions have been hotly debated and speculated since the series began. Even ‘Walking Dead’ creator Robert Kirkman commented on the role in a recent interview with IGN. AMC put the questions to rest today with the official casting announcement for the Governor.

Morrissey (left) doesn't look much like a cold blooded killer yet, but AMC may yet give him a makeover.

Deadline reported today that British actor David Morrissey has officially been cast in the role of the Governor for season three of ‘The Walking Dead’. Morrissey is best known from his roles in the ‘Red Riding’ series of films as well as the ‘Doctor Who’ special ‘The Next Doctor’. It’s a bit of an unexpected casting since Morrissey looks nothing like the Governor, but ‘Walking Dead’ is more about the drama than the appearance, so I’m still willing to give him a shot.

In the ‘Walking Dead’ comic series, the Governor is one of the main antagonist to Rick Grimes and his band of misfit survivors amidst the zombie apocalypes. The Governor is charismatic, powerful, and most of all dangerous.

Now that we know when the Governor will appear and who to look for, we can start speculating as to how it will play out on the show since the plot of the series veers in different directions from that of the comic.