Disney x Mondo 'John Carter' poster

A few days ago, I took a look at Disney’s “John Carter” and how the early tracking reports are predicting that it will be the next big budget flop. Today, I got word that in an effort to get the public more interested in seeing the film Disney is utilizing a tactic that almost usually works: free stuff!

For the moviegoers who decide to attend the midnight IMAX screenings of Andrew Stanton’s adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ sci-fi adventure, Disney has teamed up with Mondo to provide them with a free commemorative poster.

Geek and nerd art is extremely popular these days, and one of the leading producers of the art form is Mondo, the poster boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse. They’ve put out some pretty awesome movie posters over the years and they have accumulated quite a following because of them. They have quite the collective of creative artists in their stable, so ‘John Carter’ fans aren’t just getting any old poster, but rather, a work of art.

While there is no artist name officially attached, /Film speculates that this ‘John Carter’ poster is the work of JC Richard, who previously created posters for ‘Jurassic Park’ and Superman’s ‘Fortress of Solitude’.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a genuine Mondo poster at your screening of ‘John Carter’ be sure to check if your local theater is participating in the giveaway. And if they are, get there super early because, as usually, supplies are limited.

Will a free poster at an IMAX screening be enough to save ‘John Carter’ from bombing? I doubt it, but it’s definitely a good attempt by Disney at defusing the box office bomb.