When ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #5 closed, I noted that now that Guy Gardner had recruited his team of badasses, that we could now get to the action that entails. And boy does this issue deliver!

Last issue, Guy recruited a team of Green Lantern veterans known as The Machine. The Machine consists of the biggest and baddest that the Lanterns have to offer. These guys use fists and guns before they use their rings and, when they fight, they do it to win. In an added twist, Guy has brought along  a pair of Sinestro Corps members that were contained in the deepest sciencells in Oa. As this issue opens, Guy and his team are headed to the planet Urak, home to the Keepers.

Meanwhile on the planet’s surface, John Stewart and his small crew of Lanterns are being tortured by the Keepers. The villains want the code that will allow them access to Oa so that they can get their revenge on the Guardians.

When Guy, The Machine, and the rest of their team arrive, the planet becomes an all out war zone and, amidst his torture, John proves his total allegiance to the Corps. When it all goes down, the casualties begin piling up on both the Lanterns and Keepers’ sides of the skirmish but when the final page closes, the amount of death reaches tragic proportions. But even with this issue worked out, I expect it’s only going to get worse for the Corps as the Guardians implement their secret plan that they’ve been hinting about since the title’s relaunch.

Peter Tomasi gives us one of the best issues so far in ‘Green Lantern Corps’. Plus, with this arc essentially at an end, I expect that ‘GLC’ #7 would be a great place for new readers to jump into the fray. So, if you’ve been planning on picking up ‘Green Lantern Corps’, check out next month’s issue when “Rendering Honor” begins.

When Fernando Pasarin came aboard this title with ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #4, I thought he was a good Lantern artist, but I had my doubts since he hadn’t handled the battle scenes that are essential to a Green Lantern title. This issue, Pasarin gets a chance to prove himself and he does indeed. With this issue, he has become in my eyes a welcome addition to the Green Lantern universe.

Verdict: Buy

Written by PETER J. TOMASI