The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, but did you miss an episode? Forget something about Season 1? What was it that the doctor said to Rick before they left?

AMC is showing love for this Valentines Day weekend and will host a marathon of both seasons so far. Starting today at 8pm Eastern, they will show Season 1 through Sunday up until 1:30am Eastern at which time there will be a break after the episode is complete. The marathon will then continue on with a single episode at 4:30am Eastern and then another single episode at 1:30pm Eastern. After a half hour break the marathon starts back up again at 3pm leading up to the highly anticipated mid-season premiere at 9pm Eastern.

We’ve gotten some teasers so far for the return of ‘The Walking Dead‘.  We’ve been waiting patiently for ‘Nebraska’ to premiere. Now we can start all over again, from the beginning to remind ourselves exactly what we are waiting for. Gather your friends, its time for a zombie gore fest!