When we last left Hal Jordan in ‘Green Lantern’ #5, he had again been stripped of his power ring, this time by Sinestro (the official Green Lantern of Sector 2814). This issue opens on Hal as he is adapting to life as a normal non-superhero kind of guy.

When this series started, Hal was not pleased at having to give up his Green Lantern title and return to Earth. This time around, he’s having a much better time of it. He’s courting his long-time girl Carol Ferris (with just a little heroics on the side) and seems genuinely happy. Of course, you know that has to end or this title would get boring quite fast.

Enter Sinestro. Back on the planet of Ogoro in Sector 1417, Sinestro is attempting to bring down one of his ex-teammates from the Sinestro Corps. Sinestro is after Lyssa Drak. Drak was last seen near the finale of ‘Brightest Day’ where it was revealed that she had become the holder of the “Book of the Black”, the tome created by the rogue Guardian Scar. The Book of the Black foretold the events of the Blackest Night saga. What its significance in the New 52 universe will be remains to be seen.

In his battle with Lyssa Drak, Sinestro gets a glimpse into the Book’s power. In his vision, Sinestro learns some of the facts about the Guardian’s current plans that have only been hinted at in the Green Lantern titles since the New 52 relaunch. Of course, this leads Sinestro to again seek aid from his begrudging partner… Hal Jordan.

Geoff Johns is again on the top of his game with this issue. Hal Jordan on Earth has a great scene that shows that he doesn’t need a ring to be a hero. And Sinestro… Johns just gets the complexity of the character and it shows on every page. If DC added a Sinestro title with Johns at the helm, I’d break my rule and add yet another Green Lantern book to my monthly pull list. It’s just that good.

Pencils this month are by guest artist Mike Choi. While I prefer Doug Mahnke on the title since his work with a lot of the busier battle scenes is nothing less than spectacular, Choi is a wonderful fit for this more low-key issue. Choi also does the color work with Alex Sinclair and it makes the visuals just pop! I enjoyed his work here quite a bit and wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more of his stuff on Lantern titles in the future.

Verdict: Buy

Written by GEOFF JOHNS