If you weren’t one of the lucky few who were able to get into the special screening on Monday to see the trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man,’ don’t beat yourself up as we have the trailer for you to see here!

Sony Pictures launched a worldwide event yesterday that occurred simultaneously in 13 cities to unveil the trailer. Those in attendance were treated with the filmmakers and stars from the movie to help kick off the screening. In Los Angeles, director Marc Webb was on hand, Rio de Janeiro had Emma Stone along with producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, London saw Rhys Ifans and New York City had the privilidge of Spidey himself, Andrew Garfield. They all came together via satellite to answer questions and show the fans the 2½-minute trailer as well as a special extended sneak preview of the film. The response from those in attendance was very favorable despite some reservations from fans that this is a reboot of the Spider-Man tale that would focus on his origins.

The trailer looks amazing and has the look of a blockbuster film. Also exciting is that it includes a first look of Dr. Curt Connors as “The Lizard!” I’m sure it looks even better in 3D. The trailer will start playing in theaters this weekend but I’m not sure if the 3D version will also, so we may have to wait until the movie comes out on July 3 to see it in its full glory. I’m excited about this movie’s release! How about you?

‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Theatrical Trailer: