You read the title correctly. The 1980s classic time-travel film featuring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd in an adventure across past, present, and future, may be making the jump to Broadway.

80s nostalgia is nothing new. I mean we’ve got Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Smurfs in the theaters. More to the point, there was the recent ‘Back to the Future’ video game and the announcement about the film ‘Great Scott’, described as a “love letter to Back to the Future”, going into production. So it didn’t come as much of a shock when Deadline reported this week that ‘Back to the Future’ co-creator and director Robert Zemeckis, along with his co-writer Bob Gale and composer Alan Silvestri are discussing the possibility of bringing Marty and Doc’s adventures to the musical stage.

Since Marty is a musician in the films and music plays such an integral part in the way Zemeckis told the original story, I don’t see a translation to Broadway as that big of a jump for the story. Of course, the musical adaptation is in the very early stages and just being considered so it may not happen, but I know I’d be first in line to see it!

What about you? Would you care to see a musical version of ‘Back to the Future’? Or is this an idea that needs to leave a classic film well enough alone? Voice up in our comments section below and let us know.