HBO’s vampire hit ‘True Blood’ returns this summer and it looks like there may be a lot of returning characters. The new teaser trailer (below) has the tagline “In Bon Temps, nothing stays buried forever.” But who (and what) from the True Blood gang’s past will be coming back to haunt them?

Based on the season 4 finale, there could potentially be a lot of dirt unearthed for season 5. Let’s take a few guesses…

Russell Edgington – the psychotic ex-King of Mississippi was last seen buried in concrete, but the season finale revealed that Edgington’s burial spot had been disturbed.

Werewolf trouble – With the wolfpack leader, Marcus, killed at the hands of Alcide and Sam, and Dale Dickey (‘My Name is Earl’) cast in the role of Marcus’ mother, I’m sure that story isn’t quite over yet.

Sookie and her fairy family – The fairy Claude first appeared last season when he helped Sookie escape the fairy world. Now the character has been recast with Giles Matthey and confirmed for a recurring role in season 5.

Terry’s past – In the season finale, one of Terry’s old war buddies, Patrick, arrived in Bon Temps. The ghost of Rene came to warn Arlene that, “There’s a man bringing trouble of the worst kind” hinting that Patrick was that man.

Tara and Debbie – With both of these ladies seemingly dead at the finale of season 5, it remains unclear as to which, if either, may have survived the ordeal.

What do you think? Who would you like to see return for season 5? Comment below and let us know.