Josh Trank has been on a press tour for his upcoming film ‘Chronicle’ and while answering questions about his first feature film, he was asked about his thoughts on directing a ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot.

If you recall, Variety had reported that Fox executives had Trank at the top of their short list to direct the reboot movie but were waiting to see how ‘Chronicle’ would do in theaters before actually presenting an offer. When asked what he thought of the rumor, Trank said that it was news to him:

“I know as much as you guys know. I’m totally serious. I know as much as you,” he said. “I saw that leak online and I was like, ‘Um, okay, I’m trying to finish Chronicle right now.’ This is weird. There’s nothing to say, ‘Chronicle’ is exactly the kind of superhero movie that I wanted to make and, going forward, I want to have some original ideas and different things I’m working on.”

This doesn’t mean that Trank won’t be offered the gig by Fox but it does sound like the studio hasn’t really made their intentions clear to him quite yet.

The ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot movie has been developing at Fox since 2009 and although various directors (such as David Yates, James McTeigue and Akiva Goldsman) have been rumored to be associated with the film, not one of them seem to have come true.

So it looks like it’s still a waiting game as to whether the reboot will move forward and we’ll see if an offer will actually be given to Trank once the box office numbers for ‘Chronicle’ comes out next month.

Source: Super Hero Hype