Photo courtesy of TMZ

Some people sure can take a show a little too seriously! According to TMZ, fans of the new J.J. Abrams sci-fi show ‘Alcatraz’ are trying to slip away from the guided tours of the real federal prison to find the super-secret room that is seen in the series.

Alexandra Picavet from the National Parks Service told TMZ  that tourists have been caught sneaking around closed areas of the prison and have actually confessed that they are looking for the “bat cave underneath Alcatraz” as Diego Soto, one of the show’s leading characters, describes it. Because of this new found curiosity, a sign has now been posted which says:

“The TV show ‘Alcatraz’ is fictional, many areas it depicts are not real. Closed areas protect you, historic structures and nesting birds.”

Only just premiering last week, ‘Alcatraz, is a time travel mystery drama about 302 inmates and guards who were on the island at the time of their mysterious disappearance. When the prisoners begin to reappear 30 years later without any appearance of aging, it is up to police detective, Rebecca Madsen, Alcatraz expert Diego Soto and government investigator/former prison guard Emerson Hauser to find out how and why this phenomenon is happening.  The superbase that many fans of the show are trying to locate on the island is the place that Hauser spends a lot of his time in.

The show’s ratings wouldn’t be called stellar but it seems that it has a storyline strong enough to compel viewers to visit the tourist attraction. The 2 hour premiere brought in 10 million viewers while the second episode, ‘Kit Nelson‘, was down by 9 percent with 9million viewers. This is still pretty good for a mid-season placement series.

Park Service employees have assured that there is no secret base under the prison and that it doesn’t exist. But then again, if it’s supposed to be a super-secret base why would they tell you if it was there, right? I guess the truth is out there…oh, sorry…that’s another Fox show.