Lost Girl’ is a supernatural drama about Bo, who recently discovered she is a Fae, a succubus to be exact. After a test of her strength, she refused to join a clan, picking humans over obeying Fae tradition. With the help of her friend Kenzi, Bo opens a private investigation office to earn a living and to hopefully discover more about her past.

Bo (Anna Silk)

Bo is sarcastic, witty, and vivacious. She has a problem with authority and likes breaking the rules. Anna Silk was born in New Brunswick, Canada. Previous roles include Tania St. Croix on ‘Republic of Doyle’ and Cassidy Holland on ‘Being Erica.’

Kenzi (Ksenia Solo)

Kenzi is persistent; she would not let Bo refuse her request to be Bo’s sidekick. Kenzi is funny and clever, but not annoying. Ksenia Solo was born in Latvia. She was Natasha Siviac on the TV series ‘Life Unexpected’ and Veronica in the film ‘Black Swan.’

Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried)

Dyson is a Fae; he can shift into a wolf form. Dyson is a detective, a member of the Light clan, and attracted to Bo. Kris Holden-Ried was born in Scarborough Ontario and has been acting for almost two decades. He is known for his work as William Compton on ‘The Tudors,’ and he is Quint in the film ‘Underworld: Awakening.’

Hale (K.C. Collins)

Hale is a detective and also a Fae; he is a siren, so his whistle can bring people to their knees. K.C. Collins was born Christopher Carl Collins and played hockey for several years. He worked with Phillip Seymour Hoffman in ‘Owning Mahowny’ and with Ving Rhames in ‘Kojak.’

Lauren (Zoie Palmer)

Lauren is a human scientist who works for the Ash because she is very fascinated by the Fae. Zoie Palmer was born in England, but moved to Canada (she went to high school in Newmarket, Ontario). She played Patti Reagan in ‘The Reagans’ and Patsy Sewer in ‘Instant Star.’

Trick (Richard Howland)

Trick is the owner of Dal Riata, a pub that is neutral territory so all Fae have a place to relax. Richard Howland is also a singer-songwriter. He was Harry Buttman in ‘Bon Cop, Bad Cop,’ and he was Galvo on the Syfy series ‘Sanctuary.’

‘Lost Girl’ airs Monday’s at 10/9c on Syfy.

Source: IMDb

Here is a video interview from Syfy with Anna Silk, Bo.