Every day, it seems like there is an onslaught of news featuring established comic book heroes coming to the big screen. In just the next few years, we will be seeing ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Amazing Spider-Man’, ‘The Avengers’, ‘Ghost Rider’, and ‘Thor 2’… and those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. It is indeed a good time for super hero movies.

But with all those films being based on heroes that are actually in comic form now, there are a few that are strictly screen heroes. One such movie to feature a non-comic superhero was the 2008 feature ‘Hancock’.

‘Hancock’ featured superstar Will Smith in the titular role as a drunken, disaster of a hero who has to come to terms with his destiny. Of course, that destiny has something to do with angels or whatever and ‘Hancock’ pretty much fell apart after that. Critics didn’t know what to make of it but there were quite a few (myself included) that hated the movie. That said, ‘Hancock’ did make a hefty $620 million in box offices around the world and, considering that it only cost $150 million to make, the fact that a sequel is in the works should come as no surprise. Critics be damned!

‘Hancock’ director, Peter Berg, has told Comic Book Movie that a second ‘Hancock’ movie is officially underway and it’s apparently based on an idea from Smith himself.

Here’s what Berg had to say on the idea:

“We’ve been talking about the sequel between us, Will Smith, [producers] Michael Mann and Akiva goldman and myself. We’re all interested, but we literally just have trouble getting into the same room at the same time. We did have a series of meetings last year and started to hash out an idea for sequel — and Will Smith actually had the idea — so I think it will happen, it’s just a question of timing.”

Now, despite the fact that I didn’t care for the first movie and my opinion that Will Smith has been choosing a lot of bad movies for his resume this past half-decade, I do like Smith so I’ll probably give ‘Hancock 2’ a chance.

What do you think? Did you like ‘Hancock’? What are your thoughts on a sequel? Voice up by leaving us a comment below.