Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, and star of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival hit ‘Mary Marcy May Marlene’ is set to scare the wits out of theater audiences when ‘Silent House’ hits this March.

‘Silent House’ is a remake of the 2010 Spanish-language film ‘The Silent House’ from director Gustavo Hernández. It follows the story of Laura, played by Olsen, who is trapped within a dilapidated family home with no power and no way out. The novelty of the film is that the story is shown on screen in real time. This isn’t the first time that real-time drama has been put to film. It was most notably done in Fox TV’s ‘24’, the 1995 Johnny Depp film ‘Nick of Time’, and most recently with Al Pacino in ’88 Minutes’. As the real-time horror of ‘Silent House’ ticks on, Laura becomes increasingly paranoid and delusional and the scares turn more shocking and bloody.

‘Silent House’ Movie Trailer:

‘Silent House’ is directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau (‘Open Water’) and stars Elizabeth Olsen, Adam Trese, Eric Sheffer Stevens, Julia Taylor Ross, and Haley Murphy. It hits US theaters on March 9, 2012.

‘Silent House’ won over many critics when it premiered at Sundance last year and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. Olsen’s other hit ‘Mary Marcy May Marlene’ about a cult-survivor hits DVD on February 21, 2012.