Leather pants, long jackets and fangs are back. Oh, and duel pistols, of course (one just isn’t enough when you’re battling other creatures of the night). There are a couple of new teasers that just came out recently for ‘Underworld: Awakening.’ This film will be the fourth in the series, following the prequel ‘Underworld: Rise of the Lycans’ from 2009.

Kate Beckinsale will be back in action as vampire Selene in the fourth ‘Underworld’ installment due out on January 20. She was absent from the prequel. This time around, she finds herself in a world where humans have become aware of the vampires and the lycans (frightening werewolf creatures).

The new hybrid in the movie is played by India Eisley (‘Secret Life of the American Teenager’). Many fans of the series will hope that this is a return to the form of the original from way back in 2003. ‘Rise of the Lycans’ did just under $92 million worldwide, but that was less than the $95 million of the first film and the $111 million haul for 2006’s ‘Evolution.’ Most fans will welcome Selene back as the main protagonist, but she will be without costars Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen in addition to Scott Speedman.

Mans Marlind took over for original director Len Weisman who serves as producer. The film will be out in old fashioned 2D, 3D and the increasingly popular IMAX 3D.

Check out the two new teasers with a lot of Beckinsale and a couple members of the pretty much brand new supporting cast.

‘Underworld: Awakening’ Teasers:


Video: ‘Underworld: Awakening’ movie clip


Sorry for the confusion folks. Some of you may have noticed we had the wrong video up initially of one of the clips that had been released a couple weeks ago. We got it straightened out now and have the correct teasers up for your enjoyment