If you’ve been following our coverage of Zack Snyder’s latest Superman film ‘Man of Steel’ you are no doubt aware that the main villain of the picture is the Kryptonian villain Zod. This is great news for Superman fans who are tired of seeing Lex Luthor as the character has been the big bad for nearly all of the past Superman films. But, if the latest rumors are any indication, it seems that Luthor will at least make an appearance in ‘Man of Steel’ even if it’s only a cameo.

Cosmic Book News, a fairly unknown website, reported earlier today that Bradley Cooper (‘The A-Team’, ‘Limitless’) has been cast as Snyder’s Lex Luthor. Since this may be just a rumor at this point, there’s no official word on whether Luthor will go face-to-face with Superman, but I sincerely hope not. After 2006’s mediocre ‘Superman Returns’ I’m sure I’m not the only fan that is burned out on Superman facing off with Luthor and Kryptonite. I like Luthor. I even named him as one of the greatest comic book villains ever. But, I want to see Superman throw down with a villain that is worthy of him rather than limiting his powers just to level the playing field against a mere mortal… even if that mortal is Luthor.

I expect that, if Cooper is Luthor in ‘Man of Steel’, it’ll be a cameo with Snyder possibly grooming him to be the villain for the sequel. Now that, I wouldn’t mind so long as Luthor brings a super-powered henchman with him. Maybe Metallo? Either way, Cooper’s got big shoes to fill. Luthor has already had some great on-screen adaptations in the form of Gene Hackman (‘Superman: The Movie’) and Michael Rosenbaum (‘Smallville’).

What do you think? Is Cooper a good casting for Lex Luthor? Would you like to see the bald mastermind appear in the new ‘Man of Steel’ films or should he be benched for a while in favor of other Superman villains? Comment and let us know.

Update: It seems that Cosmic Book News had false information and Cooper isn’t even in talks for Luthor. I wonder if that means Luthor isn’t in ‘Man of Steel’ or if it’s just not Cooper in the role?