Yesterday, the news broke that legendary comic creator Stan Lee was working on his first ever Indian comic hero for Liquid Comics and Graphic India. The comic, called ‘Chakra – The Invincible’ follows the story of a young genius who creates a super-suit that unlocks the chakras of his body and gives him spectacular new powers.

Today, the folks at Graphic India released the first concept art for the character. The artwork is from Jeevan Kang who did work on ‘Seven Brothers’ with Garth Ennis. From these images, it’s hard to see that the suit is really as technology-based as I’d originally imagined. Below Chakra are images of Boss Yama and Killdane. Based on the “evil” names and looks, it’s probably safe to assume that these are the villains of the book.

The main image of Chakra so this is probably close to final design, if it isn't already.
More concepts for Chakra. The light up beveling is very reminiscent of DC's New 52 designs.
This "Boss Yama" looks like a crime boss if ever I saw one.
I absolutely love this design for what I can only assume is Boss Yama's alternate form.
This one is definitely Marvel-inspired. It reminds me quite a bit of Dormammu from 'Dr. Strange'.

The first digital comic featuring Stan Lee’s ‘Chakra – The Invincible’ will release exclusively on in April 2012.