After the explosion at STAR Labs in ‘Justice League’ #3, football star Vic Stone was left wounded and dying. To save his life, his scientist father used some alien technology, transforming the boy into the hero Cyborg. As this issue opens, Vic is still in the painful throws of the transformation into Cyborg as the alien tech tries to merge itself with Vic’s human physiology. But it isn’t long before Cyborg shows off some of his powers when parademons break into the lab.

Meanwhile the rest of the Justice League is slowly coming together after meeting their latest member, Aquaman, at the end of last issue. The heroes realize that, despite their personal differences, they all are intent on stopping the threat that’s been building over the past several issues. Before they can decide on group dynamics (such as who should be the leader), the Justice League is attacked by parademons. To make matters worse, the military shows up with orders to fire on anything that isn’t human… and that includes the League!

By the end of the issue, the entire Justice League, including Cyborg just at the last minute, have assembled and prepared to face off against the impending threat as the villainous Darkseid finally makes his first actual appearance in the New 52 Universe!

Geoff Johns’ first arc of ‘Justice League’ has been a slow burn, only introducing one or two characters each issue. But, with the slight changes that DC has made to the characters in the New 52, this is the best, and likely only, way the formation of the League could have been done justice. (Yeah… I went there.) Now that the League is together, even if they’re on some shaky terms, the action that everyone has been waiting for since that first issue back in August can finally commence.

Jim Lee is the mastermind behind the costume redesigns of DC’s New 52 and ‘Justice League’ is a great showcase for Lee’s work since it has so many heroes together in one title. Of particular note on costumes this issue, I love the bonus sketchbook showing Lee’s designs for the new Flash costume. It wasn’t until it was pointed out that I noticed that the seams on Flash’s outfit glow when he’s using his powers. Great detail!

I can’t wait for next month’s issue when things are sure to get wild!

Verdict: Buy

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS