We know that ‘Shazam!‘ involves a young Billy Batson who gets superpowers and will fight a villain in the film but now we’ve learned what Billy will be looking for in the movie. Director David F. Sandberg shared the details about the one goal he is trying to accomplish. Well, the main goal before ending up having to do battle with a supervillain, that is.

According to Sandberg:

“He’s trying to find his family… His mom is still out there. But once he gets these powers, he’s just trying to figure out what to do with them and how it works. For that, he needs his friend Freddie, who is like a superhero expert, who helps him to discover his powers and how to be a superhero.”

Speaking of Freddie, the character is played by Jack Dylan Grazer who shares exactly how important he’ll be to our young hero going forward:

“Well they’re all still existent in that universe, so Freddie Freeman does, in fact, idolize all of those superheroes. Like Superman, Batman, the whole Justice League… and I know all about them.”

While hanging out with the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight are probably going to be something to look forward to for our hero and his friend, they have other priorities to deal with in the first film. Also, at this point, we have no idea if another ‘Justice League’ could feasibly happen after how the first one did at the box office.

Are you looking forward to seeing how Billy Batson deals with becoming a superhero and using these abilities to help find his mother? With this newfound power do you believe that he’ll be able to do just that by the time the film comes to an end? Share your thought below!

Source: Comic Book