Violet Harmon is perhaps the only truly innocent character in the entire cast of ‘American Horror Story’. She starts off angry and caustic toward her parents, incredibly unhappy with them uprooting her life in Boston for a move across the country to Los Angeles. She’s intensely unhappy with Murder House when they first move in, until she finds out about all the crimes committed there against and by the previous owners of the home. This history appeals to her, and it’s her vocal opinion that encourages her parents to buy the house.

Violet is a highly intelligent and sarcastic young woman. She’s a smoker, and this gets her in trouble both at school and at home. A girl at school, Leah, attacks Violet when she sees the youngest Harmon smoking on school grounds. In retaliation, Violet brings Leah to Murder House and has her terrified by Tate Langdon and the Infantata in the basement.

Both her parents have described Violet as “fearless.” Ben, her father, has gone so far as to say she is ” Smart and beautiful… no need to be like anyone else.” The viewer sees this from her lack of fear during the events of “Home Invasion.” Despite this acknowledged bravery from her parents, Violet is mildly depressed and copes by cutting herself with her father’s razor.

Violet and Tate

Violet first meets Tate Langdon after one of his therapy sessions with her father. He discovers her slicing her wrists in an upstairs bathroom, and corrects how she’s slicing into her arm. They bond over both being outsiders, and their budding relationship (kept secret from Violet’s father a la Romeo and Juliet) is almost sweet. Her boldness contrasts nicely with Tate’s more retiring style, and their relationship deepens. When she finds out he murdered 6 students at Westfield High in 1994, Violet is initially terrified.

After learning about Tate’s emotional instability from Constance, his mother, Violet keeps the death of Tate’s sister Addie a secret. Violet’s good at keeping secrets, which we see again after Tate shows her that she died (“Smoldering Children“) from taking sleeping pills (“Piggy Piggy“) that she received from Leah.

Violet and Murder House

Violet discovers the ability to control the ghostly residents of Murder House. Tate claims that she’s “evolved” into having this ability, which becomes apparent when she first meets Beauregard in the attic. Through the course of the series, Violet becomes almost an ambassador for Murder House and its denizens. As of the events of “Birth,” she convinced her mother Vivien to cross over and join the ghostly denizens of the house. She also attempted to expel Chad and Patrick, the two previous owners of the home, from the spectral ranks.

Time will tell what Violet’s role will be in the season finale, “Afterbirth,” tomorrow night.


Violet was originally supposed to be a goth, but creator Ryan Murphy toned down that aspect of her character.

Taissa Farmiga, who plays Violet, originally didn’t plan to pursue an acting career. It was only after playing a younger version of actress Vera Farmiga (her sister) in the movie ‘Higher Ground’ that Taissa decided to become an actor.

American Horror Story’ is only the second acting role Taissa Farmiga has held. It was her first time auditioning too.