“Guess it’s fitting I end up where I left so many others. I only wonder if the world will be a better place without me”

[Spoilers Ahead]

We begin the season finale with Dexter floating where Travis left him to die last week. It seems like a few days have passed before he is rescued by a boat with everyone speaking Spanish. One woman does manage to say in English, “God must be looking out for you.” The boat’s captain tells him they are about 5 miles out from Florida, and then starts to rob the people on the boat. Before he begins to threaten a pregnant woman, Dexter spears him and tosses him off the boat. He drives the rest of the way, although they do stop before shore and make the final swim in. Dexter tells Jamie he fell off of his boat and swam for shore.

Travis watches the news that is reporting children should make pinhole boxes to watch the upcoming eclipse. He tells the television that the children should just watch the eclipse and go blind, because it’ll be better than the horrors they are about to see. He yells at the two dead bodies in the kitchen that he won’t be able to stay much longer if they don’t stop stinking. He then begins to break the legs off of tables, leaving a pile of wooden stakes. He takes the butcher knife and an apple from the kitchen, and the basket the cat sleeps in. He says that “Today is the day” and leaves the house.

Deb goes to see Dexter, crying. She hugs him, and tells him that she loves him. She means it with a much deeper meaning, but when Dexter returns the words (although it doesn’t seem to be the same meaning) she’s taken aback. Before anything can be said though, her phone rings and they are called to the place where Travis is staying.

When they arrive, Angel informs Dexter no one has gone in yet because they were waiting on them. Dexter is the first to go in, and sees the painting of himself on the wall. Thinking quickly, he sees a hammer left on the table and smashes his face in. He informs the others that the couple has been dead for at least 48 hours. While everyone is examining the tableau, Dexter finds a sketch on a paper bag in the garbage, possibly depicting where Travis will be watching the eclipse. He muses that his advantage over Travis is that he’s still alive, while Travis thinks he is dead. Travis drives past the house, upset that police have discovered the scene. He prays to God for refuge, and pulls out Dexter’s wallet with his drivers license, and realizes that since he is “dead” he can take over his apartment.

Back at Miami Metro Homicide, Louis talks to Masuka about his internship almost being over. He asks if he could stay on full time, but Masuka tells him to finish his training. He does tell Louis he will send him consulting cases though, because he does think he has a promising future. The rest of the team goes over Gellers sketches, and realize the final sketch is the two witnesses watching over the ending of the world on top of a boulder in the ocean with a dog. They figure out that because there aren’t any mountains in Miami, they will probably be on top of a skyscraper.

Dexter uses what he knows to figure out that Travis will be on top of the Solar Powered Transcorp building. Before he can get free to go, Deb asks him to sweep the church again for evidence. Dexter plans to kill Travis there, but uses the excuse that he has Harrison’s play to go to. Deb asks him to do it after, which he agrees to.  While they are talking, Angel confronts Quinn, and tells him he is putting in for him to be transferred to another department. Deb and LaGuerta fight, but LaGuerta agrees with Deb that they should place men on every skyscraper, and not just the tallest one.

Travis uses Dexters keys to enter his apartment, where the package from Louis is waiting for him. Travis changes into one of Dexters shirts, and hears Jamie and Harrison. He hides, ducking behind the door, watching Jamie. He hears them leave, and goes to investigate Harrison’s side of the apartment. He sees a picture of Harrison and Dexter together, saying that the Beast has a son. He finds the invitation to the play, and  leaves. While this is going on, the Miami Metro Homicide team realizes that it’s not a dog in the picture with the two witnesses, it is a lamb, a sacrifice. Deb calls Dexter to tell him, and Dexter realizes that Harrison is no longer with him. He confronts a nun, who says Harrison just left with who she thought was him, because he was in a lions mask.

Travis walks down the street with Harrison holding his hand, singing a world ending song. Harrison and Travis reach the top of the building where Harrison runs away. The policeman stationed there tries to stop him, but Travis stabs him from behind, killing the officer. Dexter makes his way to the roof, where Travis finds out he’s alive. He tells Travis he can’t kill Harrison without killing him first, but the Beast lives so the new world can’t begin. He tells Travis to put Harrison in the elevator. Travis tells him to put his needle in himself after he puts Harrison in there. Travis goes to kill Dexter (who has put the syringe in) but Dexter has faked it, knocking out Travis. The cops arrive to the scene after they realize there was no response, but Travis, Dexter and Harrison are gone.

Dexter puts Harrison to bed, telling him he loves him. He says “Maybe that is all I need to pass onto you.” While he puts Harrison to bed, Deb sees her therapist. She tells her that she is in love with her brother. She tells her that her love life is based around how she’s always been looking for someone the exact same as Dexter, or the complete opposite, to avoid the feelings she does have for him. She wants to tell him how she feels, but when the therapist reminds her that it’s good that she’s embraced her own feelings, but she cannot control Dexter’s, Deb’s face falls.

“I am a father. I am a son. I am a serial killer.”

Travis is on Dexter’s table. Dexter tells him “This is how the world ends. Or your world, anyway.” Travis refuses to believe this, that he is doing God’s work. He and Dexter argue over how God works, but part of it went like this:

Dexter: “Light cannot exist without darkness. Each has a purpose. And if there is a point to my darkness, it is to bring balance into this world. And the world is going to be a better place without you.”
Travis: “The world is going to end, and when it does, I will be by God’s side.”
Dexter: “Are you sure about that?”
Travis: “Yes.”

Deb walks into the church to see Dexter talking with Travis on the table.

“Must be God’s plan to have you on my table. Maybe everything is exactly as it should be”

As Dexter plunges the knife into Travis’s chest, Deb lets out an audible gasp, finally seeing her brother for who he is. Dexter mumbles, “uh oh.”

What an ending to a fantastic season. I had the feeling that even though I didn’t want him to, Travis would end up on the table. I’m really curious what will happen next season with Deb finding out about Dexter’s Dark Passenger. I will be sad to see Travis go though, he was a great Big Bad. Still not liking Deb’s story…or her crush on Dexter. But, with the twist at the end of this season, maybe that will change by Season 7. The next two seasons look like it will be very, very interesting.

What did you think of the ending? Are you disappointed? What do you think of Deb confessing her love for Dexter?

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