Warner Bros. has just bought the rights for an action/sci-fi film called ‘Rise’ from up and comer David Karlak and although not much is known about the plot, it’s who they got to be involved in making the film that’s news. Karlak proposed the idea to the studio with the help of ‘Saw’ franchise writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. The three of them developed the pitch given to Warner Bros.

Karlak has been gaining recognition in tinseltown from his short film ‘The Candidate’ which made the Top 10 in the Viewfinder List, an entertainment industry survey in which studio executives, producers and creators vote for the top 10 short films, commercials and/or music video. ‘Rise’ marks Karlak’s first studio sale.

Warner Bros. has Roy Lee (‘The Ring’, ‘The Grudge’, ‘7500’) producing the film alongside Lawrence Grey (‘Johnson Family Vacation’, ‘The Apocalyse’). Executive producing will be John Middleton.

There are some heavy hitters involved in the making of this movie, so it must be something worthwhile. Details of the production are shrouded in mystery so as more news comes out, we’ll let you know. Hopefully this project will occupy Lee’s time as I’m really hoping it will distract him from trying to produce a remake of ‘Poltergiest.’

To see a sample of Karlak’s work, here’s a teaser of ‘The Candidate’, the short film that made the Viewfinder’s List.