Kate Freelander returns in an episode that has major developments for Magnus, her team, and the Abnormal uprising.

The show opens with Declan and Will in a jeep. Henry helps them navigate from the Sanctuary, and he leads them down a back road. The road is blocked. Henry tells them there is no other way in. Will and Declan realize it is noon, so they leave the jeep and run up a small hill. They see a hotel in the distance. Will calls for Magnus on the radio. There is no response. Both men are frantic. The hotel explodes. Is Magnus inside?

We go back in time to three days ago. Henry announces that there is a call from Declan. On the line is Kate. She has been in Hollow Earth, helping rebuild. Kate went to London because she has learned about a possible terrorist attack by one of the Abnormal splinter groups. While some of the Abnormals want to live peacefully in Hollow Earth, some want to wage war on the surface people. These groups want revenge for feeling oppressed and want to claim the surface for themselves.

Magnus tells Henry to recall Biggie, who is on a mission to Praxis. Magnus needs everyone to help with stopping the terrorist attack. Magnus sends Will to London so he can help Kate with the investigation.

In London, Will and Kate interrogate the Abnormal Kate got the information about the attack from. The Abnormal is uncooperative; he tells them that his group is willing to spill their own blood to ensure the victory for all Abnormals.

Back at the Sanctuary, Henry is not having any luck getting into the computer systems of other agencies. He has not heard from Biggie.

In London, Will, Kate, and Declan investigate the building the uncooperative Abnormal frequently visited. Inside, everyone is dead.

The London team contacts Magnus. Magnus thinks that the leaders of the attack are eliminating all loose ends to prevent leaks. Kate found part of a shipping label. Magnus figures out is for Lisbon, Portugal.

Henry successfully hacks a system in Portugal and finds the travel itineraries for the people who are approved by the UN and SCIU to work with Abnormals. Magnus is relieved that Tesla is not on the list. Magnus thinks the hotel in Lisbon where the group is meeting is the target and wants to warn them.

Will and Kate tell the uncooperative Abnormal that he can leave. Will tells him that he could go to his friends—if they were alive. The Abnormal is confused. Will shows him pictures of his dead friends. The uncooperative Abnormal becomes cooperative; he does not know many details, but he knows that the group was sending detonators to Lisbon.

Greg Addison is on the phone. He ends his call and hears a scuffle outside of his office. He opens his door. Magnus has unconscious guards at her feet. She told them it was important. Magnus tells Addison what she knows about the possible terrorist attack. Addison is surprised she is there because he thought her people were behind it. Magnus is confused. Addison shows her pictures of the splinter cell’s new leader—Biggie! Magnus is stunned. She claims there is no possible way her friend of 50 years has hidden this secret from her. Biggie is incapable of duplicity; he is the most honest person Magnus knows. Addison says that he has a room full of recordings of Biggie meeting with the terrorist group.

Henry can’t believe the news about Biggie. Magnus thinks Biggie is innocent. But Biggie hasn’t returned or called them.

Will, Declan, and Kate arrive at the Lisbon warehouse. Inside are armed Abnormals. The Abnormals fire; the team uses stunners. One Abnormal holds a bunch of explosives. Declan stuns him before he can sacrifice himself for the cause.

Henry searched Biggie’s room. He knows it is an invasion of privacy, but they are desperate for answers. Henry found a recording. Henry and Magnus watch footage of Biggie pledging himself to the cause, stating he would die for the cause. Henry and Magnus are confused and hurt. Why is Biggie acting this way? Why does Biggie seem so different? Then Magnus puts the pieces together. She and Henry rush to the lower levels of the Sanctuary. They stand outside of the Crixorum’s room to protect themselves from the Crixorum’s mental abilities. Magnus yells; she knows he is awake. The Crixorum sits up. Magnus realizes that the Crixorum was able to manipulate Biggie’s mind when Biggie went inside to feed him. Although the Crixorum was in a drug-induced coma, his powers still worked. He slowly entered Biggie’s mind and got Biggie to lower the dosage of the sedative. Once he was conscious, the Crixorum was able to remap Biggie’s brain and have Biggie carry out his orders. According to the Crixorum, the remapping of Biggie’s mind is permanent.

Will, Declan, and Kate tell Magnus that they have found detailed plans for the attack. Magnus knows the plans are too detailed, so the attack must be happening somewhere else. Magnus goes to the Crixorum. She wants details. The Crixorum won’t tell her. Magnus then reveals that she knows the Praxians almost wiped out his species centuries ago; she knows about a surgery that removes the mental ability of his species. The Crixorum thinks she is bluffing. Magnus releases a sedative into the room. The Crixorum begs her not to perform the barbaric surgery; Magnus wants details. Magnus wins. The attack is tomorrow at noon at a hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

We see Biggie record his last statement. The mission is a suicide mission. He stares into the camera. Surfacers have causes Abnormals trouble for far too long; it is time humans pay for oppressing Abnormals. Surfacers will be consumed by fire and drowned in blood. He ends his statement by saying, “From below, we rise.” The scene is eerie, harsh, and raw; Biggie is very serious about completing his mission.

In front of the hotel in Buenos Aires, Magnus tells Addison, who is shocked to see her there, not to underestimate the terrorists. The hotel needs to be evacuated. Addison tells her that he has plenty of guards and has established a perimeter.

In the underground parking level, Biggie and his team was able to slip past security with the help of technology that made them appear invisible. The four split up. Addison is informed that a van got through security. He orders the evacuation of the hotel. Kate and Magnus search the parking level. Will and Declan arrive at the front. Addison tells them that no one is going inside. They leave.

Biggie finds Magnus. Magnus tells him about the Crixorum’s manipulation of his mind. She reminds him that he is her oldest friend and detests violence. He starts to remove his vest, but then claims she is there to confuse him and reaffirms his pledge to the cause.

Henry helps Will and Declan navigate the jeep and thus we have caught up to the events that started this episode. Kate knocks Biggie out with a fire extinguisher. As they remove the vest, they see a timer. The vests are set to detonate in minutes. Will and Declan see the explosion. We see a van on its side. Magnus is in the driver’s seat. She wakes up and tells Will that she needs help. Kate is injured.

Back at the Sanctuary, Kate wakes up. She has been recovering from her injuries for a week. Will is there. He tells her that eleven people died; three of the fatalities were suicide bombers. Although the outcome could have been worse, many in power want to wage war against the Abnormals. Biggie survived. With the help of Sally, the mermaid, Magnus has been able to restore Biggie’s memories. Kate tells Will that she is eager to return to Hollow Earth. She told him earlier that she likes how the past doesn’t matter there, how she feels like a pioneer and enjoys having a fresh start, but Will tells her that he thinks she wants to go back to be with Garris. He mentions the promise bracelet she is wearing, and Kate admits that the bracelet is from Garris, so they are a serious couple.

Magnus stops watching Biggie’s recorded statement as Biggie enters the room. Biggie gives Magnus her tea; she has him sit so they can talk. She apologizes for putting him in that position. She knew there would be costs to her actions, but she never meant for him to pay the price. She asks him if he actually feels the way he said on the recording. Biggie says he does not. Magnus assures him that he can leave at any time, but Biggie tells her that he has always felt at home at the Sanctuary. Before he leaves the room, he tells Magnus that they need supplies. Magnus tells him to get the supplies himself. Biggie is pleased that she trusts him to leave the Sanctuary by himself.

Biggie parks in an alley. He knocks on the rear entrance to a building. Abnormals with guns answer. Biggie says, “From below, we rise.” The Abnormals let him in. Could this be a plan set in motion by Magnus? I doubt Magus would have Biggie risk his life so soon after recovering from the Crixorum’s manipulations. Biggie knows who he is, but the feelings implanted by the Crixorum are still there. Either the manipulation went really deep into Biggie’s mind or the Crixorum unlocked some hidden hostility Biggie has had for a while.

I enjoyed seeing Kate again, but I would have liked her to have been more active. During the fight scene, Magnus did most of the butt kicking as Kate held one guard still. Will and Kate had two good scenes together, reminding us of the connection they have. The scenes were lovely and had an ease about them; we could tell they have shared many experiences. This episode sets up the rest of the season (there are three episodes left). Is Biggie a traitor? Even with all the evidence before me, I still don’t want to believe it. Will there be a war between the Abnormals and humans? Since Magnus made the Sanctuary independent at the beginning of the season, perhaps she can use that renegade status to achieve peace. I’m anticipating watching to see how all of the threads come together as we near the end of season four.

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