*Please note ‘Kick-Ass 2’ #5, while not quite as graphic as Kick-Ass 2 #4, is still not for the faint of heart, if you are easily offended by explicit content, language and dark deeds, please click on the home button on the menu bar and head back to the homepage*

Ok, now that I have the disclaimer out of the way… ‘Kick-Ass 2’ #5 picks up with Dave Lizewski’s dad out on Rikers Island after he was arrested for claiming to be Kick-Ass. Mr. Lizewski, is putting on a brave face for his devastated son Dave, who for the fist time realizes the impact of what he started. Mr. Lizewski leaves the visit directing Dave to go stay at this friend Marty’s house, not to go home and not go to school to make sure he is safe and off the grid.

We cut to the Mother-F*#%er’s Secret Headquarters, where the villain formerly known as Red-Mist, is putting together a secret lair that would make even Lex Luthor jealous. After his actions from issue 4, the NYPD have put a city wide ban on capes and masks, and Mother-F#%er is informed by his “Uncle” Vic (Detective Gigante), he will no longer have the protection of the NYPD. This leaves Mother-F*#%er no choice but take everything to the next level.

Fed up with the police and not knowing where Kick-Ass is hiding out, Mother-F*#%er is reminded by Mother Russia, that while they may not know where Kick-ass is at the moment, they do know where to find his dad.

What happens next rocks Dave Lizewski’s life more than anything that has happened to him since he became Kick-Ass. While hanging out with Marty and lamenting not masking his IP address to keep the police from finding his house he receives the worst text message of his life… a picture of his father dead.

Mr. Lizewski was beaten, bound and hung by Mother-F*#%er’s agents within Rikers Island, then the picture was shared with the world, outing Dave Lizewski as Kick-Ass. The Super-less Villains took this as an opportunity to rub some salt in the fresh wounds of Kick-Ass and spread the picture around the web commenting on the manhood of Mr. Lizewski and his overall death.

After what happened to Mr. Lizewski, the NYPD release all of the members of Justice Forever, who in turn all decided to attend Mr. Lizewski’s funeral as a show of support for their friend and inspiration. In response the bad guys declare a ceasefire during the funeral. As a numb Dave looks back at how much he loved his dad, a supportive Mindy (aka Hit-Girl) gives her condolences. Mindy is also concerned Dave blames her being on the sidelines as the reason for his dad’s murder. He does not.

Lucky for everyone attending the funeral Hit-Girl was there, as she recognizes a trap when she sees one. As the bad guys open fire on the crowd with uzi’s and blow Mr. Lizewski’s coffin sky high, Mikdy jumps into action doing what she does best… protecting Dave from himself. As Dave is dragged off from in the confusion, we learn the villains have something awful planned and Kick-Ass is a required attendee. As the baddies soften him up to put him in “uniform” shots ring out and the bad guy’s are cut down mid-beat down.

Cut to the final splash page… Hit-Girl! Next issue is is game on!

When I closed the book after seeing the MillarWorld logo I was left with the following thought (which I shared on Google+): “Just finished reading the latest Kick-Ass 2 issue. If issue 4 hadn’t been so shocking, issue 5 would have been crazy town. I feel like Millar is desensitizing the world of Kick-Ass for me a bit. What will I just accept next?”

I know I’m happy to see Hit-Girl forces back into action, but as the series continues I am curious as to the depths of the depravity that is Mark Millar’s mind. Come back next month as everyone’s favorite pint-size death-dealer is back in action protecting New York City.

Verdict: Buy

Written by: Mark Millar
Art by: John Romita Jr.
Finishers and Inks by: Tom Palmer
Colors by: Dean White with Michael kelleher
Cover by: Romita Jr.