Looks like director Tarsem Singh is on a roll! With ‘Immortals’ already on the big screen and ‘Mirror, Mirror’ in post-production, it’s now being reported that Singh’s next project is a film noir fantasy thriller called ‘Killing on Carnival Row.’

‘Killing on Carnival Row’ is set in the future in the city of Burgue which resembles 18th century London and centers around the investigation of the brutal and horrific murders of fairies. When the script first made the rounds, the movie was being touted as ‘Se7en’ meets ‘Lord of the Rings’ and caught the attention of many executives.

The script was written by ‘Pacific Rim’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’ (remake version) screenwriter Travis Beacham and was the first script he ever sold. Producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson (‘Se7en’, ‘The Devil’s Advocate’) bought the screenplay six years ago and it has been in development ever since. It was actually close to having Guillermo del Toro (‘Hellboy’, ‘Pacific Rim’) direct it, but he passed on the project for other things as did Neil Jordan (‘Interview with a Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles’). Now it seems that it will likely get made as director Singh is on board. Singh seems to be the best person for the project as he likes to add a lot of visual imagery in his movies as seen in ‘Immortals’ and ‘Mirror, Mirror.’ And with the setting of a land where humans and “other creatures” live, this movie is right up his alley.

Arnold Kopelson seems to think so too as he says:

“I am thrilled that Tarsem will direct Carnival Row, which we’ve been developing over the past six years. His extraordinary visual sense and use of light and color can be compared to that of the great 16th Century Italian painter Michelangelo Caravaggio.”

The movie is now in the casting phase and is expected to go into production sometime in June in New Orleans.

Source: Deadline